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Leadership Programs

Community Service & Leadership Programs (CSLP) enhances the Titan Experience by providing a variety of leadership development opportunities for students to participate in and grow through.

Below are the leadership development opportunities currently being offered:

Student Leadership Institute: Emerging Leaders Program

The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is a free program developed for students who are looking to boost their leadership skills quickly with a cohort of their peers. The program consists of six workshops where participants learn about themselves and others. ELP simplifies the decision-making process, moving students toward their goals, and providing new networks that promote success. 

Upon completion of the Emerging Leaders Program, students will receive recognition at the Student Leadership Awards along with our other leadership program participants. There they will receive their SLI: Emerging Leaders Program certificate and limited-edition lapel pin. 

Who: This program is open to all students at CSUF. New students strongly encouraged to participate.

When: TBD

Those who complete all six sessions will be recognized with the award. Sessions can be found on our  TitanLink page.

Questions? Please email

Service Leadership Program

This program focuses on the Community Service Programs' student leaders, or, project directors. Our project directors oversee regularly scheduled service projects at multiple locations throughout our community and attend twice-monthly leadership workshops so they can effectively lead others. This program is the longest leadership program we offer, and virtually guarentees you will finish a level of the SLI path. Participants in this program are also recognized at the Student Leadership Awards during the spring semester.

Titan Leadership Experience Paths

The Titan Leadership Experience is hosted by Student Life & Leadership to help students uncover their leadership potential, build skills in key competencies, and find new ways to get involved on campus.

From attending educational workshops, to joining a club or working on campus, and everything in between, there is a leadership path for everyone! Get involved now to complete your path to be recognized at our end of year celebration!

To learn more visit TitanLink.