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Sports Clubs

About Us

The Sports Clubs program provides high-quality, structured, competitive, and fun activities that offer participants the opportunity to experience physical, social, and emotional growth in a safe and fun learning environment. Being a member of Sport Clubs will help you enhance your Titan Experience through the development of your leadership skills, campus pride, community support, team building, self-management, and promote a healthy lifestyle.  

The teams are vibrant, highly active registered student organizations. They offer organized competitive outlets for students from various skill levels. These teams compete on an intercollegiate level throughout the academic year, both regionally and nationally.

The Sports Clubs are formed, developed, governed and administered by their student membership. In other words, they are completely student-run. The membership is in charge of everything from hiring coaches to scheduling practices, coordinating games, and travel for competitions, and much more.

Our sports clubs teams are not a part of the Athletic Department nor are they included in the NCAA. Sports clubs are also separate from intramural sports, which take place through Titan Recreation and include students, faculty, and staff in organized leagues.

Teams work with the Sports Clubs Inter-Club Council and the Office of Student Life & Leadership for advisement and support. Sports Clubs is responsible for team registration, concussion management trainings, Club Sports Insurance Plan, and booking practice or event facilities.