Admittance Procedures

If you wish to start a Sports Club, then please contact the SC-ICC at or contact the Sports Clubs Coordinator at (657)278-7622. It is highly encouraged that you start organizing this new Sports Club in the fall semester to ensure your club meets voting deadline for the upcoming academic year.

Remember, to start a student organization, you will need at least 5 members and an advisor. However, you will need to consider how many members are needed to play your sport.

As of now, we have about 20 Sports Clubs and we are limited to our amount of Sports Clubs due to insurances, risk management, and liability.

To join the SC-ICC, a representative from your Sports Club must attend 3 consecutive SC-ICC meetings and then present an admittance proposal to the SC-ICC on the 4th consecutive meeting. The voting membership in attendance at the 4th attended meeting will vote on the new club’s admittance. A majority vote in support of the new club is required to be admitted into the SC-ICC.

For Admittance in Fall. In order to be eligible for intercollegiate competition in the academic year, your Sports Club must be voted in by the council before the October 5th deadline.

For Admittance in Spring. If the council votes in favor of club admittance in the SC-ICC during the spring semester, the club will be not eligible to compete intercollegiate and receive funds from the council until the following academic year (fall semester) unless special allowances are made by the voting membership of the SC-ICC.