Posting & Flyers for Off campus Guests

Off-campus organizations and individuals may post in designated posting areas on campus. These flyers may be up for a maximum of one (1) month and may only be displayed in pre-selected, high visibility campus locations. Every flyer posted by an off-campus organization or individual must be stamped by the Student Life and Leadership Office with a "Post Til" stamp.

Note: Any flyers found posted lacking the appropriate stamp or found posted in an unapproved location will be removed immediately. Individuals or organizations found posting in an unapproved location or without proper stamping will be considered in violation of the CSUF Posting Policy.

Off-Campus organizations and individuals may only post in the following locations:

  • East side of the Titan Student Union (TSU), on the outdoor bulletin board north of the food court area (on the walkway towards the parking lot)
  • In the Visual Arts (VA) buidling quad, on the outdoor triangular bulletin board (next to the fountain)



Posting & Flyers for Student Organizations & Campus Departments

California State University, Fullerton registered student organizations and campus departments may post flyers, posters, and banners at approved campus locations. 

Registered student organizations and campus departments must obtain a “Post Til“ stamp from the Student Life & Leadership Office (SLL). Please remember:

  • For flyers/posters with a specific date, the "Post Til" date will be a day after the event concludes (as indicated on the flyer/poster)
  • For flyers/posters without a specific date, the "Post Til" date will be a month from the date SLL recieved the initial request.
  • For handbills (flyers smaller than 8.5 x 11), a "Post Til" stamp is not required.

This stamp will indicate to particular locations (ie., buildings, schools, etc.) that your organization can post in this area.  In addition, this stamp will indicate the length of time this flyer/poster should remain posted in the designated area.  Please remember, flyers/poster may be taken down before your "Post Til" date due to circumstances outside of our control.  

Please complete this form on Titan Link  to recieve a "Post Til" stamp.  A confirmation will be emailed to you.


  • Completely spell out the name of your organization.
  • Clearly show the event name.
  • Clearly show the date, time, and place of the event being advertised.
  • Hang the poster on an approved location.
  • Provide a contact name and phone number and/or email address. 
  • Use tape, thumb tacks, staples on appropriate surfaces (bulletin boards).


  • Post more than one (1) flyer/poster per bulletin board or planter area.  We have over 350 registered student organizations and we want to be respectful to everyone's flyer requests.
  • Use inappropriate methods to attach flyers (tape over painted surfaces).
  • Use a sandwich board.
  • Remove or post over another group’s flyer if the "Post Til" stamp has not expired.

Approved Posting Locations


  • On the numerous open bulletin boards located inside campus buildings (i.e., McCarthy Hall, University Hall, Humanities, Titan Student Union, etc.). This does not include boards that are reserved for department use only.


  • Post information in conjunction with a table set up in the Central Quad or on Titan Walk to distribute information, promote an event, etc. 
  • Post on wooden stakes that are driven into dirt locations within the central quad planters with adherence to the following: 
    • Stakes must not damage the roots of a tree.
    • Stakes must be no taller than 3 feet. 
    • The name of the organization must be printed on the stakes. 
    • Stakes must be driven into dirt surfaces only, any grass-covered surface or dirt area within a grass location is not allowed. 
    • Organizations must provide their own stakes and retrieve them when they are not being used. 
    • No more than one poster per planter. 

Prohibited Posting Locations

  • On Titan Student Union related bulletin boards, Departmental or Office bulletin boards without prior permission from the department/office. 
  • Titan Walk and Performing Arts Promenade. 
  • Any of the parking lots including Nutwood and State College Parking Structures. 
  • On wooden stakes into any grass-covered surface. 
  • On walls, glass, doors, plywood barriers at construction sites, trees, light poles, permanent signs, ATM machines, atop other signs, telephone booths, vending machines, tables, benches, or any location not listed above. 
  • Sandwich Boards are not allowed without prior approval.