Cohort selection

Coursework and Activities Dates
Stem Cell Symposium (Annual)                                                       3/09/2022
Applications due 4/18/2022
Interviews Week of 4/25/2022
Acceptance notifications 5/2/2022


Coursework and Activities Dates
Essential Techniques in Cell Biology (BIOL 329) 6/01/2022
Regulatory Affairs Requirement (TBD) Fall semester, 2022
Stem Cell Biology (BIOL 427) Fall semester, 2022
Essential Techniques in Stem Cell Biology (BIOL 429) Fall semester, 2022
Stem Cell Pro-Seminar (BIOL 480C) Fall semester, 2022
Independent Research at CSU-Fullerton for course credits Fall semester, 2022
Human Stem Cell course (off-campus) at the Internship site


Internship in a research laboratory

Coursework and Activities Dates
Stanford, UCI, USC                                                                                   1/3/23 - 12/22/23

Mentoring plan and career development activities

Coursework and Activities Dates
Resume and LinkedIn profile June, 2022
Leadership workshop July, 2022
Interview skills workshop July, 2022
Ethics workshop July, 2022
CSUPERB meeting January, 2023
CSUPERB symposium Networking session                                      January, 2023
Two presentations to general audience TBD
Meetings with Drs. Patel, Miyamoto and Rosa 6/1/22 Onwards
Internship mentors After Site Selection

Patient Engagement

Coursework and Activities Dates
Careers in Drug Development and Healthcare seminar series       Fall semester, 2022
Volunteer and observe patient care in clinical settings June, 2022 - December, 2023