TitanWell Health Promotion Services, within Student Wellness, is dedicated to training student “Peer Health Educators” to do meaningful programming that serves the Titan Community. These Peer Health Educators persist to graduation and become medical professionals who serve as responsible Health Educators in all client interactions. TitanWell is responsible for promoting healthy choices and behaviors through individual health counseling, group presentations, outreach events, and peer-to-peer education.

College can be an amazing adventure, but it can also be overwhelming. If you are simultaneously trying to manage studying, relationships, staying healthy and living on your own, it's normal to feel stressed and exhausted. But being thrown off balance from college overload presents as much of an opportunity as it does a reason for panic; college is a dress rehearsal for life itself, and the CSUF TitanWell is dedicated to helping students regain their balance here and now. We’re here for you. For more information about our programs, workshops, and services, contact our staff.