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TitanWell offers presentations on a variety of health topics pertinent to college students. To schedule a presentation in your class or with a student club or organization, please call (657) 278-2847.

Illicit Drugs and Marijuana

Illicit drug use is often misperceived as being a part of the college experience. This presentation covers prescription drug abuse, street drugs, study drugs, and marijuana.  Learn about the most commonly used illegal and prescription drugs, the warning signs of drug dependence and addiction, and the real data concerning drug use at Cal State Fullerton.


College students are always on the go, and eating healthy is sometimes the last priority on their lists. This presentation will educate about the basic components of a healthy diet, the common barriers to eating well in college, and tips for choosing healthier options when eating out or on the run.

Nutrition Hot Topics

In today's world there are many food trends appearing on media. This presentation, as an extension of our Nutrition 101 workshop, covers a wide range of nutrition trends including antioxidants, organic produce, non dairy milk, fiber, gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian diets.

Sexual Health - The Lowdown on Gettin' Down

Discussing the importance of sexual responsibility may be difficult for some individuals; however, this presentation offers an educational overview of Sexually Transmitted Infections, barrier and contraceptive methods, and sexual communication skills. With a little bit of humor and a lot of information, this presentation makes for an educational and socially relevant experience.

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Stress Free Productivity

Have you found yourself stuck on a project or unable to concentrate due to wandering thoughts and distractions? Only when your mind is clear and your thoughts are organized can you achieve effective productivity and unleash you creative potential, and this presentation will demystify how to finally “get things done” by getting those projects and tasks out of your head.  Learn how to take in and process information more efficiently in order to obtain true “peace of mind”. This presentation is based on David Allen’s bestselling book, Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.

"Titan Up the Party" - Alcohol Awareness

Is there such a thing as Responsible Drinking? Sure there is! This presentation addresses standard drink size, binge drinking defined, and how to be a friend when alcohol poisoning is a concern. Also covered are alcohol use relating to sexual assault and how alcohol use can affect academic performance.

Zzz's Earn Degrees - Sleep Health

College students hold many misconceptions about sleep, chief among being that sleep is merely a luxury for successful students. This sleep presentation discusses the sleep cycle, risks of sleep deprivation, sleep debt, and strategies that college students can use to improve their nightly sleep.