Tobacco/Smoking Cessation

Free tobacco/smoking cessation classes are available to CSUF students, staff and faculty through Anaheim Regional Medical Center. Classes are offered in a variety of formats (outlined below), and all formats address issues such as identifying triggers, developing coping skills, making lifestyle changes, creating a support system, and preventing a relapse. All classes are held within a 5 minute drive from campus.

Cessation Class Formats Available:

  • A Five-week cessation class series
  • Single meeting educational seminar
  • Individual counseling sessions
  • Telephone hot-line
  • Support group
  • Free nicotine patches for adults 18 and over who complete cessation classes

To sign up for any of these FREE services, call 1-866-NEW-LUNG or 1-866-639-5864. For more information about Tobacco Cessation resources in Orange County, visit New LungOpens in new window .