TitanWell offers a variety of programs to assist students in making healthy choices. View the information below to learn more about our services.

GROUP Workshops

Condom Bingo

This interactive program puts a fun twist on your modern bingo game. Students are asked questions related to sexual health and LGBT issues and find the answers on their bingo cards to win BINGO! With our dynamic hosts and useful information everyone is guaranteed to leave satisfied! This program can be facilitated as part of a class discussion or in conjunction with a campus event. To schedule a Condom Bingo program, please contact Kerri Boyd.

Nutrition 101

Nutrition 101 Workshops offer guidance on how to create healthy and balanced meals. Workshops are peer facilitated by CSUF Nutrition Advocates and are offered several times a week:

This is an opportunity to learn more about nutrition in a small group setting. To sign up for a Nutrition 101 workshop schedule a nutrition consultation. Walk-ins are welcome to these workshops in the Student Health Center, but we ask that all participants arrive within the first 10 minutes of class.

"Titan Up the Party" Social Host

Workshops are available to assist student clubs and organizations in planning social events that are safe and adhere to university policies about alcohol use. Topics covered include risk management strategies, event planning, and liability issues with regard to alcohol. To schedule a workshop with your student club, please contact


Alcohol and Marijuana Use

Has someone mentioned to you that they are concerned about your drinking or marijuana use? Laura meets with individual students who are focusing on using in moderation. Appointments are 60 minutes and are held in Student Wellness (West building). To schedule an appointment, please email Laura Ross or call (657) 278-2965.


Our Registered Dietitian is your food and nutrition expert on campus. Available for individual consultations on topics ranging from food allergies and GI health to weight management and sports nutrition, Jimmy can help you achieve optimal wellness through balanced nutrition. Appointments are 60 minutes and are held in Student Wellness (West building).


Sexual Health

Consultations include a discussion of various birth control methods, sexually transmitted infections, healthy decision making, partner communication, and other reproductive health issues. Consultations are 30-60 minutes and are held in Student Wellness (West building). Consultations are recommended for any student enrolling in Family PACT, any student interested in hormonal contraception, or anyone looking for general reproductive health information. To schedule a consultation, please email Kerri Boyd or call at (657) 278-2847.