Student Success Central

CSUF’s eight colleges, the Office of Graduate Studies, and the Academic Advisement Center (for General Education advising campus-wide and Undeclared students exploring majors) have Student Success Teams. Teams include your associate deans, your faculty and staff major advisors, your graduation specialists (serving juniors and seniors to help you plan your degree completion); retention specialists (helping freshmen and sophomores navigate their college transition and overcome academic struggles); assistant deans (helping to connect you to a variety of leadership, wellness, community and other college-based experiences); and  career specialists (serving you early and often as you explore your talents and prepare for your transition to the professional world) and partners in the Academic Advisement Center.

All of the Advising and related services within the Student Success Centers are virtual at this time, and you can find them by starting at the Student Success InitiativeOpens in new window , click on "Student Success Teams".

Student Success TeamsOpens in new window

Online Services


You can find these resources and more:

  • Academic Advising
  • Career preparation
  • Assistant Dean support for your success



Contacts vary for each college and department.  Visit Student Success Teams for the team you are looking for.