Resources & Apps

Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT)PDF File

Anaheim Regional Medical Center (ARMC) Smoking Cessation

Cannabis Use Disorder Identification Test (CUDIT)PDF File

CUPS: Recognize When Someone Needs HelpPDF File

eCheckup to go for Alcohol use

eCheckup to go for Marijuana use

Medication Drop Boxes in Orange CountyPDF File

Find out where you can safely dispose of unwanted, unused, or expired medications.



Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutrition practice organization with food, health, and fitness tips.

Budget Bytes
Tasty, inexpensive meal and snack recipes.

CalFresh Healthy Living
Personalized, budget-friendly recipes with seasonal ingredients.

Free nutrition, fitness, and health data tracking.

Eating Concerns Task Force
A collaborative, multidisciplinary effort by Counseling and Psychological Services, Health Services, and TitanWell. Our vision is to provide resources to students with disordered eating concerns.

Feuling Smart for MidtermsPDF File

Intuitive EatingPDF File

Mission: Nutrition!PDF File

NIH Dietary Supplement Fact Sheets
Vitamin and mineral needs with accompanying food lists.

Tuffy's Basic Needs Services
On-campus food assistance, hygiene products, clothing, and emergency grant funds.

Tuffy Study BitesPDF File

University of Maryland Medical Center (UMM) Complementary and Alternative Medicine Guide

Sports and Fitness Nutrition Handouts

Building a Performance Plate (CPSDA)PDF File

Protein Needs for Athletes (SCAN)

Pre-Workout Nutrition (CPSDA)

Post-Workout Nutrition (CPSDA)

Smart Supplementation (SCAN)

Vegetarian Eating for Athletes (SCAN)

Sexual & Reproductive Health

Are You Prepared?PDF File


Birth Control Waiting PeriodPDF File

It’s Your Sex Life: STD Testing

Spot On Period Tracker

What is HPV?PDF File


Sleep and Self-Care

Passion Planner

Self-Care BookletPDF File

Self-Care QuizPDF File

Sleep Bot

Sleep Cycle

Sleeping Well in the Digital Age