TitanWell offers a variety of programs to assist students in making healthy choices. View the information below to learn more about our services.

Updated February 15, 2023

Presentations:  Requests for presentations can be made here: TitanWell Program Request FormOpens in new window

Individual Consultations : See descriptions below for details and how to schedule appointments

Videos: Recorded Presentations can be viewed on our YouTube channel

Social Media: Daily postings and  stories are available on our Instagram page. Follow us @titanwell


Presentations can be tailored to your audience. Just ask!

Alcohol, Marijuana, & Other Drugs (AOD)

Titan Up the Party

Using a harm-reduction approach to alcohol use, this presentation addresses the basics of alcohol consumptions. The presentation includes information on standard drink size, blood alcohol concentration (BAC), binge drinking defined, Good Samaritan law, and how to be a friend when alcohol poisoning is a concern. 

The Blunt Truth on Cannabis

This presentation debunks common myths regarding cannabis use and addresses the impact of THC on brain development, sleep, health-related risks, signs of tolerance and cannabis use disorder, and harm reduction strategies to reduce consumption of THC. 

Nutrition and Active Lifestyle (NAL)

Mission: Nutrition!
Join the Peer Health Educators anytime, anywhere! We know there’s many challenges to balancing nutrition as a college student, but let’s overcome them together. We’ll discuss the truth about carbs, easy strategies for portioning and meal planning at home, mindful nutrition, and more. All students completing this workshop (including pre- and posttest surveys) will be automatically entered into an opportunity drawing for hoodies, water bottles, and other Titan Shops Gear.

Download your   Mission Nutrition Action Plan Booklet

Sexual Health Awareness Group (SHAG)

The Lowdown on Gettin’ Down
Discussing the importance of sexual responsibility may be difficult for some individuals; however, this presentation offers an educational overview of sexually transmitted infections, barrier and contraceptive methods, and sexual communication skills. With a little bit of humor and a lot of information, this presentation makes for an educational and socially relevant experience.


The RAP program offers you discreet, no-cost access to a variety of condoms, lubricants, and other forms of protection from the comfort of campus!

Safe Sex Supplies Request Form

Condom Request Form QR Code


All individual appointments are 30-60 minutes and are being held over Zoom, on the phone, and/or in-person.

Alcohol and Marijuana Use

Our alcohol and other drugs health educator uses a harm reduction, non-judgmental approach to help students reach their goals. Sessions include an assessment, goal setting, follow-up, and referral to resources. Our health educator covers information for the following topics:

    • Alcohol
    • Tobacco/vaping
    • Cannabis
    • Opioid use

To make an appointment with the alcohol and other drugs health educator, please call (657)278-7460. 

Sexual Health

Our certified sexual health educator provides a confidential and non-judgmental atmosphere where students can feel comfortable asking questions and receive unbiased information on:

    • Contraceptive options 
    • Sexually transmitted diseases 
    • Pregnancy options education

To make an appointment with the sexual health educator, please call (657)278-2851.

Health and Wellness Coaching (HWC)

Health and Wellness Coaching can help students set and reach behavior goals by creating a wellness plan.  Our Nutrition and Active Lifestyle health and wellness coach helps guide them through the process by creating an inclusive safe environment for students to identify a health vision, discuss barriers and then providing resources on and off campus.  Examples include:

    • Learning to cook
    • Meal planning, shopping and prep
    • Nutrition behavior counseling
    • Identifying food needs and resources
    • Create Exercise plans and routines
    • Finding time to implement new goals

To make an appointment with the health and wellness coach, please call (657)278-5542.

There are some situations in which we are legally obligated to protect ourselves or others from harm. These include if we believe that a child, older person, disabled person, or
you are being abused or assaulted (physically/emotionally/sexually); if we believe that a student is threatening serious bodily harm to another; or if a student threatens to harm themselves. If a similar situation occurs during your appointment, we will make every effort to discuss it with you before taking any action fully.



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