The University Learning Center - A College Reading and Learning Association Certified Tutoring Center

The University Learning Center (ULC) is an important component of Student Academic Services, in the Division of Student Affairs at Cal State Fullerton.  A major goal of higher education is to create lifelong learners - intentional, independent, self-directed learners who can acquire, retain and retrieve new knowledge on their own (American Association of Colleges and Universities (2007). Our goal is to provide currently enrolled and matriculated Cal State Fullerton students with the tools to become self-regulated learners. We believe that all learners need support that extends beyond the classroom to reinforce and amplify daily lessons. Research shows that students who engage in tutoring, attend study groups, and participate in skill building workshops achieve higher grades than those who do not. 

The carefully selected and International Tutor Training Program certified ULC tutors work with students from diverse backgrounds in most undergraduate general education courses including those in science and math; humanities and social sciences; as well as other subjects. We offer one-to-one peer tutoring and online writing review and many more services to help you reach your academic goals. You will find us on the second floor, north side of the library. 

To make an Appointment for Tutoring: click on the 'make appointment' tab above left.

Students can schedule one 30-minute appointment per day, per subject, up to three times a week for a total of one and one half hour of tutoring. Appointments can be made a week in advance. Check the 'subjects' tab to make sure the tutoring session you wish matches the subjects we offer.

Students registered with Disability Support Services and for whom we have a letter of accommodation on file can make up to three one hour appointments a week. Appointments that are cancelled, or for which a student does not 'show' are part of this weekly count for all tutees.
No tutoring during fall recess/spring break, finals week and summer/intersessions.

Questions? Contact Us! (657) 278-2738 or by email at

Graduate Academic Support Services provided by the EPOCHSOpens in new window  grant. You can make an appointment with a Graduate Learning Specialist by emailing or calling (657) 278-4976.


Monday - Thursday
9:00am - 7:00pm
9:00am - 12:00pm
Saturday - Sunday


Closed during Spring and Fall recess, Winter and Summer intersessions.


I just wanted to say how grateful I am to all of you. You helped me feel comfortable and connected to campus. I hope you know how much each of you helped me this semester.

Thank you for the wonderful study skills workshop today!  The students really liked it. They found it to be useful and informative,  especially the part about the Pomodoro method.
Today I learned about the proper placement of commas, use of transitions, and how to use a roadmap to identify where the reader is going.
The tutor helped me review the cardiovascular system and my study methods.