Conducting Accessibility Evaluations

By conducting accessibility evaluations we can bring to light potential accessibility barriers that could affect individuals with disabilities and find methods to remove these barriers. Accessibility evaluations can be conducted using tools and mechanisms that can range from basic questions to complex tools and analysis techniques to help identify accessibility gaps in a product.

Please be aware that most accessibility evaluations are intended primarily for web-based products and applications. Some of these accessibility evaluation mechanisms can be used on other products such as software or devices.

Basic Evaluations

Basic accessibility techniques are simplified evaluation mechanisms to determine whether or not accessibility is addressed in the product being evaluated. Basic evaluations are designed to educate those who are new to accessibility about potential problems an inaccessible product could present. They do not represent a full accessibility review.  Most basic evaluation techniques can be used to evaluate the various types of information technology products such as web, applications, software, and operating systems. 


Intermediate Evaluations

The intermediate evaluations are scans which are run and processed by central IT using scanning software like Compliance Sheriff and found issues are reported to site owners and/or contributers.  Site personnel review issues and update content to fix problems.  After content issues have been resolved sites are reported as passing by site personnel back to IT for recording purposes.


Advanced Evaluations

Advanced evaluations are performed by web administrators using both scanning software like Compliance Sheriff and manual scanning using Wave tools.  Web administrators will manually go through results and review all founds items to verify that issues have been resolved.  They will work with site owners and contributors to verify that sites pass compliancy and help to keep site owners up to date on any changes for future reference.

Audio and video Evaluations

Upon request ATI evaluations will be conducted manually on audio or video elements in the domain.