Accessible Furniture Accommodations

Guidelines for Implementing Accommodations

Disability Support Services will provide specialized furniture if standard desks or tables in your classroom do not meet a student’s needs. 

Examples of specialized furniture are:

  • Wheelchair-accessible desks/tables
  • Height adjustable tables
  • Specialty chairs

If a student discloses to you that he/she needs accessible furniture, please advise them to contact DSS. Professors that have students with furniture accommodations may need to allow access to their classrooms for furniture drop off on occasion. We apologize for any class interruption that furniture delivery may cause. Our goal is to have the student’s furniture delivered as quickly as possible.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Accessible furniture is placed in classrooms each semester. It remains the property of Disability Support Services and will be retrieved by DSS at the end of the semester. Please do not move our furniture to another location or use it for another purpose!

If DSS furniture is found outside of its designated location, it will be removed and relocated to its assigned location.

If staff or faculty require accessible furniture in their workspace, please contact Human Resources at (657) 278-2425 or email