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Fullerton Finish Scholars Program

About Fullerton Finish

The Fullerton Finish Scholars Program is designed to help students who are committed to graduating within 4 years (for Freshmen) or 2 years (for transfer students) reach their goal. Every semester, students are given structured advising and a priority registration date to help them stay on track and meet their graduation goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply?

New incoming students in these approved majors are eligible for the program.

View majors by choosing a College below:

How do I apply?

Eligible students are emailed application instructions through their CSUF email address in the summer before their first semester at CSUF. Fullerton Finish is a full four-year/two-year program; students can only apply and join the program during this initial period. Continuing students are not eligible to apply to the program.

What is the benefit of Fullerton Finish?

Fullerton Finish Scholars get the unique opportunity to earn a priority registration date, meaning that you can register for classes before most people on campus. This benefit is to ensure you get to enroll in the courses you need to graduate within four or two years.

What are the Program Requirements?

To stay enrolled in Fullerton Finish, students must complete an academic plan and get their courses reviewed by an advisor every semester. Students must also commit to completing the specified unit requirements.

Applications for the Fullerton Finish Program has closed for the Spring 2024 semester. Because of the high volume of applicants, we will not be accepting any late applications. Students who have applied and are eligible for the program will be sent an email with their next steps. Please check your CSUF email for more instructions.