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Students in the CSUF School of Music are required to participate in a major performance ensemble each semester. Wind and percussion students are required to perform an ensemble placement audition and will be assigned to register for participation in one of the following three ensembles: Wind Symphony, Symphonic Winds, or University Band. This audition may also serve as your audition for the University Orchestra.


Who Must Audition

All wind and percussion music majors and anyone else wishing to participate, Wind Symphony (406F), Symphonic Winds (406C), and/or University Orchestra (406U). Non music-majors who elect to participate in University Band (406U) do not need to audition.

Pianists, Harpists, and String Bassists: If you would like to participate in one of the CSUF bands, please contact Dr. Barr directly at


Special Considerations for Fall 2020 (Covid-19)

  1. For Everyone:  Major Performing Ensembles (MPEs) will likely be split into a variety of small chamber ensembles for the Fall 2020 semester. Details are still forthcoming. Consequently, placement auditions may be required again in December or January in advance of the Spring semester. Furthermore, your assignment to a particular MPE this Fall will take into account (1) your performance on your audition, and (2) the need to form multiple chamber ensembles and equally distribute them across all three of CSUF’s wind bands. The number of students assigned to a particular MPE may be slightly different than in past semesters.
  2. Non-music majors:  Please contact Dr. Barr at if you plan to participate in one of the CSUF bands during the Fall 2020 semester. Covid-19 policies may require that we limit non-music major involvement, so it is important that we know of your interest as soon as possible.
  3. Percussionists:  Ensemble placement for Fall 2020 will be assigned by our percussion faculty. No audition will be required. This is necessary to accommodate those who have no or limited access to instruments for practice. We will re-audition the percussion studio for Spring 2021 ensemble assignments.




Video Auditions (except percussionists)

In order to expedite ensemble placement, we have adopted a video audition format for most instruments.  Please follow the instructions below and submit your videos by 5:00pm on Monday, August 17, 2020.

  1.  Video record your audition.
    • You may use a camcorder, smartphone, webcam or any other means to create your videos.  A high-quality microphone is encouraged whenever possible, but most contemporary cells phones still do a decent job of audio recording these days. Please use what you have available. 
    • You may submit one long video for your entire audition or you may include each portion of the audition as a separate video.  Individual excerpts should be done in one take. 

  2. Upload your videos to a file sharing program (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) or to a video hosting website (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).
    • Every CSUF student is given both a Dropbox and Google Drive account. Either can be used for this purpose. Please see your student portalOpens in new window and look for “Titan Apps.”

  3. Submit your video
    • You will be able to supply internet links (URLs) to your uploaded videos.
    • It is your responsibility to ensure that your videos can be viewed by anyone with the link. Please check this before submitting!
      • CSUF Google Drive users—When getting a shareable link you must go into “sharing settings” and make sure “anyone with the link can view.” Do not select “Anyone at CSUF with the link can view” or we may not be able to view your files.
      • CSUF Dropbox users—after creating a sharable link, go to “link settings” and double check that anyone with the link can access the file. Please do not select “team members” or we may not be able to view your files.

    • Audition videos are due by 5:00pm on Monday, August 17, 2020.


Zoom Callback Auditions

Students whose video audition places them on the border between two ensembles may be required to play a callback audition over Zoom. Dr. Barr and/or Dr. Whitmore will reach out to you via email to schedule this audition.


Audition Materials

  1. A solo or etude of your choice; approximately 2-2.5 minutes in length. You may perform any portion of the solo or etude.
  2. Excerpts (available below)
    You must prepare all excerpts unless they are marked optional.
    Listening to multiple recordings of the excerpts is an expected part of any audition process.
  3. Sight reading may be required at Zoom Callback Auditions.



Note about Instrument Assignments

Piccolo, English Horn, Contrabassoon, E-flat Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Contrabass Clarinet, SATB Saxophones, etc. will be assigned by conductors in consultation with applied studio faculty. While auditionees may express interest in performing on specific instruments, anyone may ultimately be assigned to play them. School of Music instruments may be available for use.  



An email will be sent with audition results as soon as they are available but no later than Sunday, August 23 (the day before classes begin).




FlutePDF File Opens in new window    (piccolo excerpt should be prepared by all of those with access to an instrument)
OboePDF File Opens in new window
BassoonPDF File Opens in new window
ClarinetPDF File Opens in new window    (anyone wishing to audition specifically for bass clarinet, please email Dr. Barr)
SaxophonePDF File Opens in new window    (you may audition on alto, tenor or baritone saxophone. If you are proficient on all instruments, please audition on alto. Regardless of what instrument is used, please prepare the alto excerpts.  Email Dr. Barr in advance if you’d like to be considered for a specific saxophone)
TrumpetPDF File Opens in new window
HornPDF File Opens in new window
TrombonePDF File Opens in new window
Bass TrombonePDF File Opens in new window
EuphoniumPDF File Opens in new window
TubaPDF File Opens in new window
• Percussion    (no audition required for Fall 2020--see above)
• Bass - email Dr. Barr for details.
 Piano - email Dr. Barr for details.
 Harp - email Dr. Barr for details.




Dustin Barr, DMA
Director of Bands
Office: CPAC-227B
Phone: (657) 278-8376




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