Titan Stadium (UHD)

This is a snapshot of Titan Stadium Field. Completed in 1992, the 10,000-seat facility has been called by many "one of the finest soccer facilities in the nation.  Titan Stadium has 2,000 chairback seats and 2,500 bleachers seats with backrests on the western side of the stadium. In addition, there are concrete steps on the opposite side which can hold nearly 5,000 extra people. The stadium shell was completed on Jan. 15, 1992. The first event was commencement on May 30, 1992, and the first soccer activity was a scrimmage between Fullerton and Biola University on Aug. 22, 1992.  This view provided courtesy of Titans Athletics.  On clear days you can also enjoy a view (far left) of  Mt. San Antonio (Baldy) which is the highest peak in Los Angeles County standing at 10,046 Ft (3,062 m).

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