As a CSUF graduate, the Cal State University Fullerton Career Center can assist you through your professional career. Whether you are looking for support or you are looking to give back to CSUF students, we can help.

Just Graduated Recent Cal State Fullerton Graduates – Within 1 Year After Graduation:

You have continued access to all Career Services, such as:

Alumni Association Members:

Free access to select CSUF Career Center services, such as:

Alumni Career Services

Recent CSUF Alumni

Recent graduates have access to all Career Center Services for a full year after graduation. 

Alumni who graduated in 2008 or later, you can use your portal credentials to access Online Career Center Services except for Titan Connection.

Alumni Association members receive access to select career center services including Titan Connection with exception of in-person services (Appointments: Virtual or Face-to-Face).

To join the CSUF Alumni Association, visit

(NOTE: Joining the Alumni Association does not grant access to In-Person Career Center Services like Appointments (Virtual or Face-to-Face). Career Center Services are only available to Students within 1 year of graduation regardless of membership with the Alumni Association).

Orange County One-Stop Services

If you no longer qualify for CSUF Career Center services and you do not want to join the CSUF Alumni Association, consider utilizing Orange County One-Stop services.

The Orange County One-Stop Centers provide comprehensive employment and training services. Resources and services include:

  • Access to computers and telephones
  • Resume distribution program
  • Networking opportunities
  • Job search workshops
  • On-site interviews with local employers

Reciprocal Career Services

CSU Reciprocity

Current CSU students & alumni from other CSU campuses must bring a document, such as a diploma, transcript, or current course list that verifies status at one of the 23 CSU campuses.

This can be used to access career services that do not require a counselor including:

  • Career planning workshops and programs
  • Printed career information
  • Online career services that do not require a CSUF login
  • Does not include remote access to job postings

For CSU students and alumni (within one year of graduation) the CSUF Career Center does offer one-time reciprocal services in the form of resume/cover letter review, mock interview and quick job search assistance if College Career Specialists schedule permits. This does not include access to job postings. To access the one-time reciprocal services, CSU students and alumni must request a reciprocity letter from their institution’s career center and submit it to the CSUF Career Center. The reciprocity letter should outline name, degree program, graduation date and the need for services.