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What are Transferable Skills?

November 18 , 2020


There are specific keywords in nearly every job posting related to skills: leadership, multitasking, teamwork, organization, critical thinking, to name a few. These words represent a secret language that few students may understand. Students who "get it" are also typically the ones who get the most job offers. That's because these keywords represent skills that enable you to do your job effectively, whatever that job may be. These keywords are known as transferable skills because no matter what the job, profession, or field is, it can make the difference between victory and failure.


Transferable skills can be transferred from one job to another. You may already possess a lot of transferable skills that employers are interested in and are actively looking for, such as organizational skills. As a student, you will be able to develop new skills and strengthen the skills you already possess. Transferable skills can be used to position your past work experience when applying for a new job, especially if the job is in a different and new industry you are trying to enter. An perfect example of a transferable skill at use can be seen when an employer looks for candidates with strong communication skills. If you have developed the skills to share information with and from colleagues easily and effectively, you will be able to apply this transferable skill in any workplace.


Transferable Skills (The Started Pack)


Here are the three transferable skills that will help you jump start your job search and, hopefully, your future professional success. You may find that you already have some of many of these, and if you are devoted to making a success of your life, you should commit to further refining and developing as many transferable skills as possible. 


Multitasking Skills

With a rapidly growing and changing job market, multitasking is one of the most sought-after skills employers will be looking for. Multitasking demands of modern professional life can be frustrating for students and new professionals in the workforce. Very few people may understand the foundation that multitasking is reliant on; knowing your priorities, being organized, and knowing how to manage your time effectively.


Critical Thinking Skills

In essence, critical thinking requires you to use your ability to reason. It is about being an active learner, more than just a recipient of information. Critical thinkers rigorously question ideas and assumptions rather than accepting them as facts from the get-go. 


Critical thinking or problem-solving skills allow professionals to think logically and define a challenge and its desired solutions, later evaluating and implementing the course of action to solve that challenge from all available options. Critical thinkers examine the problem holistically, ask the critical questions, looking through all the factors influencing each possible solution, and then decide which solutions are best suited to come to a resolution. 


Teamwork Skills

If you don't know this already, you will soon realize the professional world revolves around the complicated challenges of making money. These challenges often require groups of people to come together and provide solutions that will remove challenges and increase revenue. Essentially, this means that you will be expected to work efficiently and respectfully with others who may have different and unique backgrounds, identities, and areas of expertise. Teamwork requires a commitment to the team, and its success should always come first. 


Teamwork skills are super important if you are looking into leadership roles where you will have to supervise others since all successful leaders need to understand teamwork dynamics. Therefore, if your ultimate goal is to be a leader in the workplace, you must first learn to be a team player.



If you have identified your transferable skills but are not sure how to incorporate them into a resume, cover letter, or statement of purpose, make sure that you make an appointment with a Career Coach so that we can work on refining your application documents to show the unique skills and abilities you possess. (Click here to Book an Appointment)


Luis Munguia
Luis Munguia
Career Coach


How to Build Your Resume with Little Experience

November 17, 2020


Struggling on experiences you can add to your resume? Don’t know what you can put because you don’t have any experience?


Here are some tips on gaining experience and adding sections to your resume to highlight other aspects of what you have to offer.


1. Add a Summary or Object- Although the objective/summary is optional it’s great to include when looking for a position and highlights what skills you bring to the table as well as the position you are searching for. An example of how you would write your objective is Action oriented & tailored to the position.


Sample formula:

To obtain the position name with name of company in order to utilize my ___ and ___ skills/ experience/ knowledge/ expertise.



To obtain the Juvenile Probation Internship with the County of Orange in order to utilize my mentoring skills and knowledge of delinquency issues and challenges.


2. Education- Add all Colleges or universities where you will or have received a degree/credential/certificate. Add GPA if its 3.0 or higher.


3. Add a Related Coursework Section- This is a great section to add if you don’t have much experience. Choose coursework that relates to the position you are applying for, and this will add to show the knowledge you have learned and can apply to the position.


4. Add Course Projects Section- This section is preferred by employers more so than related coursework as it shows more skills in projects you may have worked on in the past and how you collaborated or implemented different skills when creating this project.


5. Internship/Volunteer Experiences- If you don’t have an internship or volunteering experience start now! You can find great volunteer experiences related to the field you want on Titian Connection or simply on You can also simply search on google for places near you that you’re interested in working at and give them a call to see if any have any volunteer opportunities.


6. Honors/ Awards Section- This could be any awards you have received in the past such as

Deans list, Scholarship awards, fellowship, etc.


7.Research Section- If you have any research you may have done with faculty or professors this is something you can also add as a section to your resume


8. Leadership Section- you can list any leadership roles you took on and list any projects you spearheaded from conception to completion.


9.Professional Memberships- professional association is an organization with members who work in or share an interest in a specific job field or industry. You can become a member of a professional association in your field and join these local organizations and attend events to meet other professionals in the field. *Keep in mind that for certain association you will need to pay a fee.


10. Clubs & Organizations/ Involvements - These are great ways to gain skills in your field, very easy to join and great to network with others. CSUF offers many clubs and organizations for you to join so take advantage! You can find clubs related specifically to your field and college department you’re in!


Here is where you can find all the clubs/ organizations CSUF offers:


Also, you can find your clubs/organizations associated with your Major on your CSUF Program website in the Current Students Tab.


Andrea Jaime
Andrea Jaime
Career Coach


Land a Job During the Pandemic

November 9, 2020


Hey Titans!

      We are definitely experiencing a difficult job market right now. However, some companies are still hiring. Some industries have not been hit as hard by the pandemic and are still in demand. The highest need industries are shipping and delivery services, online learning, health, grocery stores, remote meeting, and communications. Search for companies in these sectors and look for open positions that fit your experience. For example, a marketing position in the airline industry might not be in demand, but a pharmaceutical company's marketing position might be.

Some companies that are hiring right now are:
• Target (hiring 130,000 seasonal team members)
• Amazon (hiring 100,000 people)
• The Department of Veterans Affairs (hiring 45,000 positions)
• Allied Universal (hiring 25,000 people)
• Instawork (hiring 20,000 workers)
• TTEC (hiring 16,000 roles)
• XPO Logistics, Inc. (hiring 15,00 roles)
• Citi (hiring 15,000 positions)
• AdventHealth (hiring 5,000 people)
• Outschool (hiring 5,000 teachers)
• Microsoft (hiring 4,800 roles)
• Fidelity Investments (hiring 4,500 positions)
• Community Health Systems (hiring 2,000 roles)
A complete list of who is hiring can be found at


Here are some tips for landing a job:
• Utilize free time productively by expanding your skills. You can use LinkedIn Learning, which is free to CSUF students or develop your skills in other ways through classes, volunteer work, etc.
• Tailor your resume (utilize language on the job description on the resume) and describe the positive impact you had in your previous roles
• Tailor your cover letter and send it with your resume unless the application specifies not to do so
• Apply to jobs as soon as they are posted
• Practice for the interview and be ready to ask questions that show you are interested and have researched the company
• Be excited about your interview. Tell your interviewer, "I am so excited to be here…"


       We are here to help you with your career development. Utilize titan connection ( to access our job and internship database. Work on polishing your resume and cover letter with our feedback and resources ( Utilize our resources to prepare for the interview ( using VMock or scheduling a Mock Interview practice appointment.  



Jacqueline Olazaba
Jacqueline Olazaba
Career Coach

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