• Employer Recruitment Guidelines and PoliciesPDF File
  • Privacy and Usage Policies - For Employers & StudentsPDF File
  • Marijuana/Cannabis Industries:  CSUF will not accept postings for employment, internships, or similar positions with companies that are involved in the production, possession, distribution, marketing or use of marijuana. Marijuana remains a Schedule I controlled substance under federal law; as a recipient of federal funds, CSUF must comply with federal law, including the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act and Drug Free Workplace Act.

How to Post a Position Video Tutorial

Post Positions on Titan Connection

CSUF Affiliates: Please note that as of October 2021 all non-academic ON-CAMPUS positions must be posted through HRDI's CHRS Recruiting Tool.

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Titan Connection allows you to:

  • Post positions online at no charge
  • Create a customized profile of your company, including a link to your website
  • Sign up for career fairs/expos and employer events
  • Schedule on-campus interviews
  • Set-up academic internships. For more information visit the Center for Internships & Community EngagementOpens in new window .

Titan Connection is confidential and only viewable by CSUF students and recent grads. We encourage you post your positions and build a virtual presence on our campus!

To Recruit Business Majors ONLY click on this link to access Handshake:


For questions regarding Handshake and/or recruiting business students ONLY please contact  recruitbusiness@fullerton.edu  or visit https://business.fullerton.edu/Career-Services/Employers

Top Ten Facts for Posting Positions on Titan Connection

  1. Titan Connection is a self-post, online job board provided as a service to students, alumni, and employers. Titan Connection is FREE to employers. (A paid fee to Symplicity is necessary when posting for more than one school in the Symplicity System.)
  2. All job and internship listings are posted on Titan Connection at the discretion of the Career Center, and we reserve the right to choose not to post a position if it does not appear to support the best interests of students, alumni, and/or CSUF.
  3. Titan Connection is a password-protected site available for viewing 24/7 by students or alumni of CSUF. Employers may also utilize Titan Connection 24/7.
  4. Titan Connection allows students to forward their resume directly to employers while providing a job search engine. Hosting a posted position for an employer does not imply endorsement of the positions by the University.
  5. The Career Center serves the entire CSUF student population and we will not advertise positions or sponsor organizations that restrict consideration to specific populations, i.e., Latinos, older students, women, etc. We will not post positions that appear to discriminate against applicants on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, age, national origin, veteran status, sexual orientation, disability, or gender.
  6. We will not post positions that require an investment of cash or other purchases by the prospective employee. The only exception to this will be necessary and appropriate personal safety clothing and gear or equivalent.
  7. We will not post anonymous ads or positions submitted by third party recruiters who do not identify themselves as such in their job announcements or who do not provide the CSUF Career Center with client contact information if requested.
  8. Any or all Commission-based salaries for paid positions MUST CLEARLY STATE “COMMISSION ONLY” in the description and the salary fields. (“COMMISSION ONLY” Internships will not be accepted).
  9. We will not accept “Teaching Overseas” positions. All other “Non-US Headquarters Organizations with Non-US Locations” employers will not be accepted.
  10. Internships which are UNPAID must offer academic credit and be listed as an “ACADEMIC INTERNSHIP” in the posting. All Academic Internships are approved by the CSUF Center for Internships and Community Engagement (CICE) - fullerton.edu/cice/Opens in new window (657) 278-3746.

All other internships must be paid following California state labor wage laws and minimum wage standards.

For general recruiting guidelines, salary data, and information on successful hiring practices we recommend consulting the NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) website at www.naceweb.org.Opens in new window


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