Titan Takeover Career Exploration Program Testimonial


Titan Takeover: Career Exploration Program

The intent of the Titan Takeover: Career Exploration Program is to provide students with an opportunity to explore various career paths and gain first hand insight into an organization’s culture, structure, operations, and day to day activities. This insider look into your organization will also provide students with the knowledge of certain skills and responsibilities necessary to be successful within a particular position of interest. 

Spring Hybrid Edition Titan Takeover: Career Exploration Program 2022

Titan Takeover Host Application 

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The Titan Takeover: Career Exploration Program will take place during the month of April 2022. Hosts will have an option to offer a virtual or in-person career exploration site visit. 

Titan Takeover Timeline

  • Organization Open Registration: November 2022 –  January 7, 2022
  • Student Registration: Opening January 27, 2022
  • Organizations notified of matches: Week of February 8th
  • Students will contact Host to confirm shadow details: March 18 (at the latest)
  • Titan Takeover Experiences will take place during the month of April 2022

Hear it from the hosts

52 Employers Participated, 182 Shadowing Opportunities. Overall experience with CSUF students during Titan Takeover: 83% met or exceeded expectations.  Willing ot host another student for Titan Takeover next year: 90% Yes, 10% No. Consider extending an internship and/or career opportunity: 31%.

“The Titan Takeover provides a unique opportunity to connect with students more meaningfully and provide them with deeper insight into the opportunity provided by my organization.”

“The Titan Takeover program is an enjoyable experience, a great opportunity to interact with students who are seeking to learn what their career calling may be, and a chance to involve employees in a function they may not generally be a part of.”

“We enjoyed having students in our facility. They were exposed to our industry as well as our company culture. I think this program is an amazing opportunity for students to learn more about industries.”

“We enjoyed sharing our organization and allowing students to get to know our programs and interact with our children, experience our culture, and learn our mission and values.”

Digital copies of the Titan Takeover Reports can be downloaded by selecting the following report years:


SPring break 2019 Participating Employers

Participating Employers