The mission of the Career Center and all of its initiatives and programs are to ensure that each student is prepared to take the next steps in their careers. Not only do we strive to serve all students but we also challenge ourselves to improve. Whether its providing new and unique workshops with prominent organizations or more unique ways to access our services, we want to ensure that all students can utilize the Career Center.

Each year, we generate reports to review and gauge our performance.



Master Annual Report

The Master Annual Report is a compendium of all our reports that provides a convenience to view the yearly reports in a single document. Take a look at the Master Annual Report interactively in ISSUU or download the PDF by clicking the link below.

2022-2023 Master Annual ReportPDF File
2021-2022 Master Annual ReportPDF File
2020-2021 Master Annual ReportPDF File

Student Comprehensive Outcome Survey

We distribute an annual survey to students that had utilized the Career Center counseling and advising services to analyze which services are used most, reasons for using our services and how we can improve.   Digital copies of the Student Outcome Surveys can be downloaded by selecting the following report years:

2020 Student Outcome SurveyPDF File

2019 Student Outcome SurveyPDF File

2018 Student Outcome SurveyPDF File


Employer Engagement Campaign

Our College Career Specialists directly engage with employers to provide additional opportunities students through more paid internships and full-time employment openings. The report highlights how each specialist engaged with employers.

2019-2020 Employer Engagement ReportPDF File

2018-2019 Employer Engagement ReportPDF File

Employer Hiring Trends

This report provides an overview of the types of companies and organizations that hire Titans, wages and the level of career readiness our students display.

2019-2020 Employer Hiring Trends ReportPDF File

2018-2019 Employer Hiring Trends ReportPDF File

Alumni Report

Following up with alumni to see the career paths taken and outcomes after their time here at Cal State Fullerton.

Where Have They Gone - 2014 ReportPDF File