Written & Verbal Communication

Employers seek professional employees who are proficient communicators with the ability to write and speak comfortably in public. You can develop strong communication skills by taking classes and incorporating other experiences that include writing projects and public speaking activities.


All G.E. classes require assignments that assist students in building communication skills.

Students usually begin the G.E. program with classes such as Beginning College Writing (ENGL 101) or one of the several Oral Communication classes such as Public Speaking (SPCH 102), Communication Skills (CHIC 102) or Oral Communication of Literature (THTR 110).

These classes provide the foundation upon which later G.E. and major courses are built. No matter what the class, students should view written assignments and presentations as opportunities to build communication skills critical to later job performance.

A sample of elective or major coursework includes:

  • Business Administration 201 - Business Writing
  • Business Administration 301 - Advanced Business Communication
  • Communications 361 - Principles of Public Relations
  • Communications 362 - Public Relations Writing
  • Computer Science 311 - Technical Writing for Computer Science
  • Counseling 380 - Theories and Techniques of Counseling
  • Criminal Justice 350 - Principles and Concepts of Investigation and Reporting
  • English 204 - Intermediate Creative Writing
  • English 303 - The Structure of Modern English
  • Philosophy 315 - Philosophical Argument and Writing
  • Speech Communications 333 - Communication in Business and the Professions
  • Theatre 163 - Acting for Non-Majors

"In order to communicate any message effectively to our clients, it is imperative that we hire employees who have superior verbal and written communication skills." Katie Carano, Program Manager, RuffaloCODY