Problem Solving & Critical Thinking

Employers value new employees who have the ability to think on their feet, evaluate and organize information, solve problems and focus their thinking. You can enhance these skills by taking classes and getting involved in projects that allow you to exercise critical judgment, acquire and evaluate information, make decisions and solve problems.


Courses throughout the G.E. Program contribute to the building of problem solving and critical thinking skills. For example:

Critical Thinking in the Arts provides students with the tools to analyze and critique works in the visual and performing arts. In classes from Natural Sciences and Mathematics, students learn both the logical and analytical skills found mathematical relationships and the scientific method. In addition, they learn to think abstractly as they analyze and consider theoretical relationships. Coursework from the social sciences provides students with the opportunity to analyze the social construction of history, beliefs and behavior.

A sample of elective or major coursework includes:

  • American Studies 346 - American Culture Through Spectator Sports
  • Anthropology 300 - Language and Culture
  • Art 461 - American Art: 20th Century
  • Comparative Religion 305 - Contemporary Practices of the World's Religions
  • Computer Science 313 - The Computer Impact
  • Computer Science 315 - Social and Ethical Issues in Computing
  • English 323T - Cultural Pluralism in American Literature
  • History 386B - American Social History
  • Music 351B - History and Literature of Western Music
  • Philosophy 310 - Ethics
  • Political Science 310 - Political Behavior and
  • Women's Studies 312 - Multicultural Identities and Women's Experience


"At Enterprise, it's not what you know, but the problems you solve that make the critical difference. Developing these skills while you are a student will give you a competitive advantage when looking for a job with us."
Dave Dutchen, Regional Recruiting Supervisor, Enterprise Rent-a-CarOpens in new window