Graduate School Expo 2016 on Tuesday, September 20th - 10 AM to 2 PM - In The Quad

wednesday, October 30, 2024
2:00pm - 4:00pm


List of graduate programs and organizations, types of degrees, and majors wanted


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  • Location: QUAD
  • Free to all CSUF students and alumni. 
  • $25 for all Non-CSUF students.  Please bring $25 in cash or check.  Thank you!

Reasons to Attend:

  1. For students whose careers may require a graduate degree, it is helpful to check out different schools, their programs, and their requirements – this would help you plan ahead on the experiences, classes, and skills you should gain prior to applying.
  2. For students applying to grad school soon, it’s great to meet with grad school admissions representatives because they may be able to share insider tips, suggestions, info about fee waivers, and more. It may also help the school/program know your interest through this visit.
  3. For students who are exploring post-graduation options, this is a way to explore the different graduate programs available out there.


See which schools will be attending


Grad School Expo Career Fair Tour:

  • TBA
  • RSVP by clicking here


Tips on how to approach graduate programs at the Grad School Expo:

  • Introduce yourself and smile
  • Share your knowledge of the graduate program (research the university/graduate program ahead of time) and why you’re interested in applying to their program 
  • Be ready to ask informative questions:
    • What type of programs do you offer?
    • What types of tests would I need to take to apply for your graduate program?
    • What is your Student/Faculty ratio? Is your program more applied or research oriented?
    • What type of financial aid do you offer graduate students?
    • What type of support do you offer your graduate students?
    • What is the culture like on your campus?
    • Are internships a requirement of your program?
    • What type of career guidance does your program offer?
    • What type of jobs do graduates from your program typically obtain?
    • What does a strong candidate look like to you for this program?
  • Be brief and make sure you do not take too much of their time
  • Thank employers for their time


If you have questions about the Graduate School Expo, please contact: