Salary Negotiation

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Do’s & Don’ts


  • Research salary ranges before beginning the job search process.
  • Postpone salary talk until you have had time to sell yourself and assure the employer of your capabilities.
  • Remember that employers ask salary questions to determine if they can afford you. 
  • Ask for a fair price. Make sure your requests are reasonable and within the ongoing salary range for the position and your experience.
  • Demonstrate your value.
  • Request for additional time to decide on an offer.
  • Ask for a salary proposal in writing if you accept the position.


  • Do not bring up salary in an interview unless the employer brings it up.
  • Specify an exact salary figure when asked.
  • Under-value your worth.
  • Fail to assess employer's needs.
  • Lie about your past salary.
  • Discuss salary until you have details about the job or until a job offer has been made.
  • Appear desperate for any offer.

Evaluating the Offer

When evaluating your offer, also consider the following:

  • Advancement opportunities
  • Benefits
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Mentoring
  • Nature of the work
  • Organizational culture & structure
  • Quality of higher management
  • Support for continuing education
  • Training/development opportunities
  • Travel/location
  • Stability of organization/industry
  • Work hours

Research Salaries

Utilize the following resources to research salary:

Factor the organization's total compensation package (i.e., company car, tuition reimbursement, health benefits, flexible schedule, etc.) into your salary negotiations.