Teacher Job Fair

Tuesday, March 19, 2024 | 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM

Are you looking for a great way to better prepare for the job search process? Are you interested in meeting and connecting with districts/organizations recruiting candidates for teaching or education related opportunities? If so, you do not want to miss this event. Please read below for more detailed information about the event and how you can best prepare for the event.



To facilitate the event check-in process, we encourage you RSVP. Non-RSVP students are welcome to attend. Participation in the entire event is not required.  If you are a non-CSUF student, you can still attend the event for a $25 fee.  Please bring cash. 



The Teacher Job Fair Boot Camp

  • March 16, 2024 | 9am - 1pm | TSU Pavilion-A RSVP


 View an updated list of confirmed Districts/Employers attending the event

  • Tips on How to Approach Organizations at the Job Fair:

    • Introduce yourself, shake hands, and smile
    • Share your knowledge of the organization (research the employer ahead of time) and segue into your “60 Second Commercial”
    • District/organization representatives may ask for references, school address and/or your philosophy of education, so be prepared
    • Be ready to ask informative questions
      • Researching Organizations
      • What would be the best way to apply to your positions?
      • What is the hiring process?
      • What other opportunities are there for individuals with my skills, background, and interests?
      • Make sure you do not take too much of their time
      • Be brief
      • Be sure to ASK for their business card
      • Thank them for their time and let them know you will be following-up
  • Ten (10) Tips for Making the Most out of Teacher Job Fair - Practice Interviewing

    • Polish your resume
      • Bring extra copies of your resume (on nice paper) in a leather bound portfolio
    • Research Employers
      • Create your target list and talk to those you are most interested in first
    • Dress to impress
    • Be ready to sell yourself
    • Arrive Alone
    • Arrive Early
    • Talk to as many Employers as possible
      • Be open minded
      • Don't seem desperate
    • Have a professional handshake
    • Bring a smile and seem enthusiastic
    • Follow-up