Graduate Student Experiences 

What recent graduates of the M.S. program at CSUF are saying:

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Anastasia Martinez
M.S. 2018
Chemist I at Bachem 

"The graduate program at CSUF is focused on the success of its' students.  The professors are really helpful and interested in providing you with the best learning experience. There is a diverse amount of research that you can choose from with advanced equipment that will prepare you for future careers or Ph.d programs. All of the techniques and skills I learned from the graduate program have been beneficial and made extensive training in industry unnecessary."

Alfonso Ramirez, Jr
M.S. 2019

"Chemistry professors provided me tools such as being confident in presenting information to different size audiences, being critical of the types of information and data provided, and for teaching me new biochemistry techniques. I enjoyed taking upper division biochemistry courses, teaching chemistry laboratory courses, and conducting research to formulate a topic that my thesis was based on. From these great opportunities that I received at Cal State Fullerton, I recommend other chemistry majors to get their M.S. degree from this department."

Masoud Roueintan
M.S. 2014
Faculty member at Mt. San Antonio College

"Attending the chemistry graduate program at CSUF was a great decision. The program is very well-developed, has wonderful faculty from various chemistry backgrounds, and offers a great deal of support for the graduate students. One of the other aspects of this program which helped me tremendously to achieve my career goals was the teaching opportunity as a Teaching Assistant. Overall, this is an excellent graduate program that will enhance your knowledge and expertise in chemistry and will help you advance your career."

Omar Muneeb
M.S. 2018

"The master degree program in chemistry at CSUF has helped me dramatically personally and professionally. My passion for research and teaching has grown tremendously, allowing me to tackle the greatest problems in the field of Chemistry.  I have built and gained numerous connections with professors and aspiring scientists to aid in my career. Teaching at CSUF was an unbelievable experience, not only outwards to the creative world, but also inwards to expand my horizons beyond my own perceived limitations of my own personality. Moreover, throughout my master degree, I had the privilege to have my name published in various scientific peer-reviewed journals. This degree has allowed me to drastically grow and excel as a researcher and to become more confident in becoming a leader and mentor. I learned something new every day, every single day was a learning experience.  I highly suggest anyone to pursue a master degree as it will provide endless opportunities."

Chintan Amin
M.S. 2010
Director of Environmental Health and Safety
Soka University

"While I was a graduate student at CSUF, I acquired a range of skills through coursework and through extensive laboratory research which paved the way for my professional career. Because the curriculum of many courses was based on scientific literature, I was exposed to novel topics in chemistry which directly helped me with previous employment and continue to help me with current employment. Also, the requirement of graduate seminar and graduate thesis significantly helped my analytical, speech, and writing skills. In short, my experience in the graduate program at CSUF has yielded countless rewards in my professional career. For this, I am eternally grateful to the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and CSUF.

Students should attend CSUF's graduate program because it is very comprehensive and will make them well-rounded individuals/scientists. Unlike other graduate programs, CSUF's graduate program in chemistry makes you a perfect candidate for future endeavors. Also, the faculty and staff of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry are very caring and selfless and will do everything to help you, even if it is not class or program related. In fact, they are there for you and for you only! As a graduate student, you will have many opportunities available, such as research stipend, privilege to teach laboratory classes, write for research grants (Associated Students, Inc. (ASI)), present your research at national conferences, lead your research group, publish your research in a peer-reviewed journal, to name a few. Students will also have opportunities to develop connections with future employers and with the Principal Investigators of PhD schools."

Vanessa Duong
M.S. 2018
Environmental Services Coordinator
Coachella Valley Water District

"What I liked about the M.S. program is how the professors took the time to get to know the students in their classes and research labs. By getting to know the students, the professors empowered the students to help them meet and exceed their goals. The professors truly care about the students in the program and go out of their way to help them succeed in the program. " 

Christina Daniels
M.S. 2016
Senior Environmental Scientist
California Department of Food and Agriculture

"The professors were highly accessible and always willing to help. It felt like I was part of a team. The program is highly collaborative and nurtures a positive atmosphere."

Jeffery Leister
M.S. 2020
Instructor and Supplemental Instruction Coordinator 

"Pursuing my master's degree in Chemistry here at CSUF has been a thoroughly worthwhile experience.  Ultimately, my goal was to teach organic chemistry, and that is exactly what completing the program helped me to achieve.  The faculty here provided amazing support for my classes and my project and I am very grateful that I was able to study and receive mentorship under them.  I discovered a lot of passion for both teaching and research through the program and the publications I got are stellar to have for a CV."  

Alex Ku
M.S. 2020

Research Scientist II, Novaris, GNF

"The Master’s program in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at CSUF is one where the central focus is research. As a graduate student, you will be have a much more responsibility over your project. This greater sense of ownership can be challenging, but equally rewarding as you see your work develop. Along the way you will have support from fellow graduate students and faculty that want nothing but the best for you. I am thankful for this program, it renewed my drive for research and prepared me to continue researching in the pharmaceutical development industry."