ECS Innovation Hub


Project Overview:

California State University, Fullerton is seeking funding to modernize and expand its Engineering & Computer Science Innovation Hub in order to:

  • Accommodate enrollment growth
  • Create space for student and community research and innovation
  • Increase, diversify and prepare Orange County's future workforce in highly skilled and technical careers



Serving more than 40,000 students, Cal State Fullerton is the most populous campus in the California State University system. Cal State Fullerton is No. 1 in California for bachelor's degrees awarded to Hispanic students and women and No. 1 in California for awarding bachelor's degrees to underrepresented students. The Engineering and Computer Science (ECS) Innovation Hub is a critical component in preparing Orange County's future workforce for a broad range of highly skilled technical and management careers. ECS is experiencing significant enrollment growth and not only requires space but investment in a modernized area that will fully prepare the future engineers and computer scientists for our future workforce. The objectives of the project is to create space for students to fully engage and be a part of emerging fields and technologies so that they are at the forefront of industry readiness, as well as creating more space for our community to invest in research and innovation that will address today's challenges. The ECS Innovation Hub will open new doors for the region, ultimately advancing social mobility


Campus and Community Benefits

Expanding and modernizing the Engineering & Computer Science Innovation Hub will benefit both Cal State Fullerton and the Orange County region in three key ways:

  1. Accommodating enrollment growth and mitigating pressure on facilities
    • Within the past decade there has been a 147% increase in enrollment growth within the ECS – from 1,900 to 4,700 students. Projections show the college growing as much as 6% annually, which could mean 8,000 students by the 2028-2029 academic year.
    • Recent study shows that based on current enrollment, faculty size and University space entitlements, the College requires 215,000 gross square feet of space, of a 70% increase over the currently available space in order to meet the needs of current student enrollment.
    • There are significant deficits in space sizes and technology, especially in lab spaces.
  2. Fostering research and innovation in the region
    • This new space will provide students and the community more space to increase hands-on learning labs, maker spaces to cultivate innovation and space to leverage new technologies.
    • The region is in need of collaboration space where STEM from all sectors can come together to address today's challenges.
  3. Meeting Orange County's increased demand for diverse STEM field professionals
    1. Orange County faces a shortage of qualified and diverse candidates for industry growth.
    2. Technology is constantly evolving and providing space for partnerships with local communities and the private sector will be critical to creating a larger pathway for students and the community as a whole to join the STEM workforce.



Rendering: ECS Innovation Hub