How to write POs

Performance Outcomes (POs), simply speaking, focus on how well the administrative and support services provided by the University accomplish their intended purposes.

Process of writing POs

Step 1: Have a brainstorming conversation with all constituents of the unit (faculty, students, staff, alumni, employer, etc.). List what should occur as a result of the core functions or services the unit performs.

Step 2: Review, synthesize and prioritize the list of things identified in Step 1. Decide on a manageable list of POs that are most important to the unit at the present time. Keep in mind that POs can be changed and updated over time.

Step 3: Compare the list of POs in Step 2 with the mission and strategic goals at the university and division level. Adjust the POs to ensure multi-level alignment.

Step 4: Communicate the final POs and how they are reflected in each practice, policy or procedure to all constituents/stakeholders.

Step 5: Collect and review assessment data on the POs with all constituents/stakeholders of the program. Revise the POs as appropriate.

Characteristics of sound POs

  • Focus on stakeholders (what stakeholders will gain), NOT the unit (what the unit will provide)
  • Specific, clear and concise
  • Demonstrable and measurable
  • Discrete (i.e. no “double-barrel” statements)
  • Realistic and manageable
  • Use active verbs Opens in new window for performance assessment