Additional Internet Resources

General Resources on Assessment

Assessment FAQs (Institutional Research & Decision Support, Stanford University) Opens in new window

Assessment Commons: Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment


The Assessment Loop

Assessment Loop Resources (Northern Virginia Community College)Opens in new window


Assessment Steps and Checklists

Academic Program Assessment Plan Checklist (Indiana Univesity-Purdue University Fort Wayne)PDF File Opens in new window


How to Write an SLO

Writing Measurable Learning Outcomes (Texas A&M Assessment Conference)PDF File Opens in new window

SLO Definitions and Examples (George Brown College)PDF File Opens in new window


Curriculum Mapping

Curriculum Mapping_Curriculum Matrix (University of Hawaii Manoa)Opens in new window


Developing an Assessment Plan

Program-Based Review and Assessment Handbook (University of Massachusetts Amherst)PDF File Opens in new window

Student Outcomes Assessment Plan (Paul D Camp Community College)PDF File Opens in new window


Assessment Plan Examples

Overview of Outcomes Assessment (New Mexico Highlands University)PDF File


Things to Consider When Choosing Methods

Choosing Assessment Methods (Northern Virginia Community College)


Types and Examples of Methods

Measuring Student Learning (Center for Teaching Innovation, Cornell University)Opens in new window

22 Easy Formative Assessment Techniques for Measuring Student Learning (NWEA)



Creating and Using Rubrics for Assessment (University of Wisconsin Stout)Opens in new window

Assessment and Rubrics (Kathy Schrock - Educational Technologist) Opens in new window

Rubrics Templates (Center for Teaching and Assessment of Learning, University of Delaware)

Value Rubric Development (Association of American Colleges & Universities)Opens in new window


Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs)

CATs Guide (Vanderbilt University)


Guidelines for Closing the Loop

Closing the Loop (Northern Virginia Community College)Opens in new window