Assessment Steps & Checklist


Develop student learning outcomes (SLOs)

  • What are the SLOs, and how do they align with the mission and learning goals at the college and university level?
  • Are the number of SLOs manageable?
  • Are the SLOs written in a specific, clear and concise manner?
  • Are the SLOs demonstrable or measurable?
  • Are the SLOs discrete (i.e. no “double-barrel” SLOs)?

Identify methods and measures

  • What are the assessment points (courses, curricular or co-curricular activities) for each SLO in the program?
  • What is the cycle of data collection and timeline of assessment for the SLOs? Who is responsible?
  • What quantitative and/or qualitative methods will be used to measure each SLO? Think multiple methods!
  • How can current embedded assessment be used or improved to provide evidence of student learning?
  • How manageable and sustainable is the data collection plan?

Determine criteria for success

  • For each SLO, what level of performance is expected of students? Are students and faculty aware of the expectations?
  • How does the criteria for success for each source of data align with the expected progression of student learning?

Collect and analyze data

  • What is the process (e.g. who, when, how) for analyzing the assessment data?
  • What is the process (e.g. who, when, how) for interpreting and evaluating the assessment results?
  • How will the assessment results be disseminated to faculty, students, administration and the broader campus?

Plan and execute improvement actions

  • Are the assessment results used to improve teaching and learning practices?
  • What is the process (e.g. who, when, how) for planning AND implementing improvement actions?
  • What is the mechanism that ensures alignment between the assessment cycle and the curricular/co-curricular planning process?

Document assessment activities

  • Who is responsible for documenting each step of the assessment loop?
  • How is the impact of the improvement actions captured and documented?
  • Is there a clear, organized process for documenting assessment activities (e.g. SLOs, plans, data, improvements)?