Requests for Data & Analyses

CSUF regularly provides aggregated data about our students, faculty, and staff. Multiple public dashboards are available via the Office of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness website. CSUF-only dashboards, which provide additional and more disaggregated data, are available to CSUF faculty and staff only via the university Tableau Server website. Authorized data users can also access record-level data at the individual (e.g. student demographics), class/instructor (e.g. grade distribution) or unit level (e.g. unit budget) via the university portal. These data venues provide a wide range of data on admission, enrollment, student performance, retention and graduation, degree completion, demographic profiles of student, faculty and staff, and much more. Please note that some data sources are largely based on Census data, which provide a “snapshot” of what the institution looks like at a particular time each semester. Other data sources reflect the day-to-day changes captured in CMS and other university databases.

Requests for data should be made via the data request form for internal or external users. The form will be reviewed within 1-2 business days and routed to the appropriate Data Stewards for processing. Requestors will receive an acknowledgement once the request is assigned. Depending on the nature of the data quest, additional justifications and/or clarifications may be requested such as IRB approval, IT security protocol, FERPA training, supervisor endorsement or other forms of supporting documents. These measures are put in place to ensure the utmost security of our institutional data. If needed, Data Trustees and the Institutional Data Governance Committee (IDGC) will be consulted to determine the appropriateness of a data request. Large-scale, complicated, sensitive or unprecedented data requested will require the approval of the IDGC.

For more information about the university data governance guidelines and process, please visit Data Governance