Faculty Guidelines for Notetaking Services


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Notetaking services are offered to qualifying students as a reasonable accommodation.  Notetaking services are important to the mission of Disability Support Services (DSS) in providing equal access to class information to students receiving services facilitated by DSS. DSS appreciates the faculty’s support and assistance in providing this ADA accommodation.


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The Faculty’s Role

DSS requests for faculty members to assist in recruiting notetakers for a particular class or recommend students in the class who they feel may be effective notetakers. If the notetaker is not a member of the class, the faculty may need to share handouts and other materials with the notetaker, if necessary.




Faculty Responsibilities

  • DSS recommends faculty to receive and acknowledge the DSS student’s Letter of Accommodation (LOA) listing the student’s notetaking accommodation.  The student is responsible for transmitting their LOA via email or delivering a hard copy to the faculty and providing them with a Faculty Notification Letter that provides the faculty member instructions on how to recruit a volunteer notetaker in the classroom.
  • Utilizing the instructions on the Faculty Notification Letter, DSS is recommending for faculty to assist in recruiting a volunteer notetaker in order to provide access to their course.  
  • DSS recommends faculty to make the recruitment announcement during the first 2 class sessions that is located on the Faculty Notification Letter.
  • Please maintain strict confidentiality of the DSS student’s identity in the classroom while recruiting a notetaker.  Names of students receiving services should not be disclosed or announced during the recruitment process.





 Faculty who have questions or concerns about the notetaking process, should contact DSS at (657) 278-5486 or dssnotetaking@fullerton.edu as soon as possible.  DSS staff members will determine  the appropriate course of action based on information gathered and may have discussions with the DSS student, the instructor, and/or the notetaker.