Testing Accommodations and

Exam Proctoring



Please visit our Testing Accommodations student pageOpens in new window to review additional information and updates regarding accommodated testing.  Refer to the Student FAQ's section for detailed information. 

Below are useful recommendations, resources, and guidance for faculty on delivering testing accommodations.

Testing Accommodations for Online Exams and Courses 

As is true in the physical classroom as well as in the virtual classroom, faculty are responsible for delivering ADA accommodations and providing equitable access to courses and course materials.

For faculty who have adapted their courses to offer alternative methods of assessment (i.e. written assignments, essays, non-timed exams, course projects, etc.), providing certain testing accommodations may no longer be applicable.  Please be sure to review the student's Course Accessibility Letter to verify this and or consult with the student's DSS specialist.

To learn more on alternative methods of assessment visit the Faculty Development Center's page on Online Assessment OptionsOpens in new window .

Fundamentally, testing accommodations offer eligible students an equitable opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the course material and subjects being tested, without penalizing or putting them at a disadvantage due to their disability.

Below are several possible testing accommodations that DSS may specify for eligible students which may include, but are not limited to:

  • Extended time for tests and quizzes
  • Approved restroom breaks
  • Use of accessible software or technology (i.e. screen reader, magnifier, Kurzweil 3000, etc.)
  • Exams provided in an accessible format (i.e. rich text format, enlarged font/images and image descriptions, etc.)

Regarding Extended Time for Online Exams and Courses

Extended time on exams generally only applies to traditional, time-limited exams and quizzes.  If you have adapted your virtual course to offer alternative methods of assessment then providing extended time may no longer be applicable.  If that is the case, please discuss it with the student so they are clearly aware.

For DSS students who have extended time as a testing accommodation, it remains the responsibility of the faculty to provide the accommodation for the student, allowing the extended time stated on the student's Course Accessibility Letter for the student to finish a timed examination.

This may or may not translate immediately into a remote-learning environment, depending on how tests are being administered in the course.

If, for example, faculty adminster timed exams on Canvas, time limits can indeed be extended for specific students. Please review the sections below to learn how to extend time on Canvas.

In situations where faculty administer and proctor timed exams for students live on Zoom, extended time is still expected to be provided for eligible students.  Please work with the student to determine an appropriate start time and plan out any specific Zoom proctoring logistics (i.e. consideration of an alternate breakout room and using a TA or departmental staff member as an alternate proctor in the breakout room with the student, and any screen sharing/camera/audio options, etc.) to ensure the delivery of the student's extended time accommodation during the Zoom call. 

Extended Time Calculator

Download this DSS-created tool that assists faculty to calculate a student's approved ADA extended time accommodation.

Download the Extended Time Calculator

CANVAS Resources and Guides

Below are available on demand resources and guides for exams/quizzes constructed and adminstered on Canvas. 

Canvas Support:

  • Access live chat support through your Canvas help menu.
  • IT Help Desk

Proctorio Resources

Below are available resources and information on best practices when choosing to use Proctorio to proctor DSS students with testing accommodations.