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Envision Tomorrow: Exploring AI's Role in Higher Education

Delve into dynamic discussions on how AI is reshaping traditional teaching methodologies, personalizing learning experiences, and revolutionizing higher educational outcomes

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Light refreshments will be provided for the 9:00 AM keynote session

Sponsored lunch will be provided for the 12:30 PM keynote session

Scheduled Keynote Speakers

AI Changes in the Curriculum

For higher education faculty, it's important to recognize how AI is reshaping what we teach. Courses now dive into machine learning, deep learning, and data analytics, reflecting the evolving demands of our field. By incorporating interdisciplinary approaches and ethical considerations into our teaching, we empower students to navigate the complexities of AI responsibly and drive innovative solutions in their respective disciplines

Scheduled Speakers

AI Pedagogy Changes

In higher education, a sophisticated evolution in pedagogy has emerged, emphasizing dynamic and project-oriented AI learning methodologies. This refined approach seamlessly interweaves AI concepts throughout various disciplines, empowering students with practical proficiencies and adeptness for navigating the intricacies of our AI-driven landscape.

Scheduled Speakers

AI Knowledge Base

A nuanced augmentation of the AI knowledge base has transpired within higher education. There's been a big increase in what we know about AI. This comes from lots of different research areas working together. Students now have a better understanding of how AI affects many different fields, helping them think critically and become leaders in the growing field of AI.

Scheduled Speakers