Approved Departmental Personnel Standards

Please contact Ed Collom if your department is revising its DPS document.  Ed provides feedback on revisions before they go through the approval process.  His Overview of UPS 210.002 Requirements may be useful.  Please see   UPS 210.002PDF File Opens in new window for requirements and  details on the process of revising DPS documents.

Copies of the most recently approved Departmental Personnel Standards are available below for download and reference.  This document will also be the best resource for answering questions about what makes a good portfolio for your department.  A copy of this document will need to be uploaded to section 3.0 of every full-review RTP portfolio.  

Download Instructions 

All DPS documents are arranged by college at the bottom of the page. Click your college name to expand the list of departments and click your department name to begin download. 


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