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Range Elevation Information

To participate in a Range Elevation, a faculty member must:

  • Be on the eligibility list compiled annually by HRDI: 2023-2024 Eligibility List
    • Eligible faculty will be notified by FAR. Please refer to UPS 210.070 for more information on required materials and evaluation criteria.

A range elevation is:

    • An evaluation separate from any scheduled periodic evaluation for Lecturers.
    • This Evaluation does NOT replace any scheduled evaluation. If the faculty member is already scheduled for a performance evaluation, a second WPAF will need to be submitted through INTERFOLIO.
    • Will require digital submission of all materials through CSUF's Evaluation platform of Interfolio.

The evaluation review period is the entire time within the current range, with emphasis on the past 5 years (Fall 2018 through Fall 2023).

For Counselors (CAPS) and Library Faculty there are some documents that are specific to thier portfolios and they are listed under the Templates and Forms section below.

Descriptions and materials to aid in the Range Elevation Evaluation preparation process, are provided on this page.

Question about Eligibility

Erinn Banks
(657) 278-2636


Range Elevation Evaluation

Interfolio WPAF submission deadline: February 21, 2024

Period of Review: Fall 2018 - Current Submission Deadline

  • CSUF's Range Elevation evaluation policy is described in UPS 210.070  and is governed by the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  • This type of evaluation is a request to be elevated to the next Lecturer salary rank, that is ultimately decided by the Provost

Faculty Resources and Documents

Templates and Forms