Cal State Fullerton is pleased to offer a wide variety of scholarships and awards to honor outstanding achievement. Nearly $2 million in scholarships and awards is paid annually at Cal State Fullerton . Students apply for scholarships and are nominated for awards.

In addition to scholastic achievement, financial need and other factors may be considered in the selection process. Read and follow the “application procedure” for each scholarship or award in which you are interested. Pay close attention to the scholarship deadlines because different scholarships have different deadlines. Due to the large number of applications received, non-selected applicants are not notified.

Important Note: Disbursement of a scholarship is dependent on the criteria set by the donor. Recipient of a scholarship should be aware of the requirements of the awarded scholarship for disbursement.

Please allow up to 4-6 weeks starting from the date Student Business Services receives your scholarship check to process your scholarship funds.

How Scholarship Can Affect Your Financial Aid Awards

As a financial aid recipient, you understand that funds received from an outside sources or agency for educational expenses (i.e. scholarships fee waivers, Voc Rehab assistance, etc.), will be coordinated with all other aid offered and that the coordination of these additional resources may result in changes to the types and amounts of financial aid initially offered by California State University, Fullerton.


Federal regulations require students to notify the Office of Financial Aid of any scholarship and/or stipends they are receiving, which includes awards issued by academic departments, as well as those paid directly to the students. All financial aid funds - including scholarship/stipends - are taken into account when determining your eligibility for all other financial aid award(s).

Alan Pattee Scholarship

The Alan Pattee Scholarship is a waiver of fees and tuition. Applicants must be the natural or adopted child of a deceased law enforcement official or fire fighter who was a California resident, and killed as a result of the performance of official duties.

Student and their spouses wanting further application information should contact Sara Martinez, Phone: (657) 278-2204 from the Office of Admissions.


Where to Send the Scholarship

All scholarship recipients must provide their scholarship checks to   Student Business Services. The recipient's CWID (Student's ID number) must be written on all scholarship documentation.


Where to Mail the Recipient's Scholarship

California State University, Fullerton

Student Business Services, GH-180

ATTN: Cashiers

P.O. Box 6808

Fullerton, CA 92834-6808

Please, contact   Student Business ServicesOpens in new window   at (657) 278-2495 to verify if they received your scholarship check.

Information can also be gathered from professional associations, business organizations, church and religious foundations or other special interest groups such as community service clubs. Each program will have its own deadlines and application procedures.

Over 45 Indian tribes have established their own Grant and Loan Programs to promote higher education for their members. Contracts for tribal assistance should be made through the:


U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Washington, D.C. 20240, or through the Tribal Headquarters,  or by writing to:

Department of the Interior-BIA
Office of Education Programs, MS 3512, Code 522,
18th & C Street
N.W. Washington, D.C. 20240.