Honors Requirements: Sophomores

Students in the University Honors Program should consult regularly with the director.

100-Level Courses

  • Sophomores should prioritize completing Honors 101A and 101B if GE categories A.1 and A.3 were not completed the freshman year.

200-Level Courses

  • Take at least two 200-level courses according to YOUR catalog year and specific needs.
  • You should NOT take a course where you have been granted AP credit. If you have AP credit for American Government, you should take POSC 300.
  • 200-Level Choices:
      • Honors 210A World Civilizations & Cultures
      • Honors 210B World Civilizations
      • Honors 201A American Institutions and Values
      • Honors 201B American Government
  • Contact Pérez if you have questions about requirements, AP credit or which courses to take.

300-Level Courses

  • Sophomores who have completed all 200-level courses may consider 300-level seminars.  Part of your 24 units of Honors coursework must be fulfilled by an upper-division seminar (301T, 302T, 303T, 304T, 305, 306 )

Honors Colloquiums

  • Take Honors 100; can be taken Spring of Freshman year or Fall of Sophomore year
  • Take Honors 200; can be taken Fall or Spring of Sophomore year

Other Reminders 

  • Sophomores should have a minimum 3.40 cumulative GPA by the end of the academic year
  • You do NOT need to take an Honors course every semester as long as you are progressing towards completing 24 units of Honors courses by the time you graduate.