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Study Abroad

Australia Study Abroad: Summer 2024

Meets the upper division GE for Area D3/Z and earn credit towards your honors course requirements (HONR 302T & HONR 303T)

Opera house in Australia next to a bridge surrounded by open water

During the Summer Session 2024 session, Dr. Mallicoat will be leading a group of students in Sydney, Australia as part of a 3 week long program. This study abroad course exposes students to Australian history, culture, and the justice system. Key themes will include family violence, penal history, law and policy, social welfare, rehabilitation, and restorative justice practices, with specific attention on special populations such as incarcerated, indigenous, homeless and refugee communities.

In addition to class activities and several field trips throughout the local area, students will have time to explore Sydney on their own and experience all that the region has to offer. From city life to beaches, to koalas and kangaroos, there are lots of opportunities for students to explore the Aussie life.


Applications available in Fall 2023.

Netherlands Study Abroad: Summer 2023

Meets the upper division GE for Area C3, D3 and Z and earn credit towards your honors course requirements (HONR 302T and HONR 303T)

Buildings in Amsterdam, Netherlands

This course introduces CSUF study abroad students to the legal, political, and social justice perspectives of the Netherlands, using Amsterdam and the Hague as our classroom. A multicultural and multiethnic city, Amsterdam has become known for its tolerance and acceptance of others - live and let live. The Dutch criminal justice system presents harm reduction strategies that are unique given the Netherland's historical and contemporary tolerance policies. Finally, as a member of the European Union, Amsterdam and the Netherlands more broadly has become a refuge for immigrants freeing war, hunger and simply looking for opportunity. Refugee centers have been established through the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) under a mandate from Ministry of Justice and Security.But tolerance has come under increasing threats by a new political system calling for nationalism. Immigration has played a major role in the rise of intolerance -Amsterdam is just one city in a crisis of global proportions that is occurring across the Mediterranean daily. Acts of cybercrime and human trafficking are on the rise and the black market is flourishing.


Application Deadline: February 22, 2023