Meet Our Staff

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 Management team

Dr. Larry Martin

Executive Director

Tracy Shadowens

Associate Director,
Residential Engagement

Tim Guesman

Residential Facilities Operations

Gina Byun

Associate Director,
Administration and Conference Services

Administration and
Conference Services

Micah Espiritu

Housing Events and Marketing Coordinator

José Cuevas

Assignments and Access Coordinator

Adriane Wilson

Administrative Support Coordinator

Becca Calvillo

Assistant Director,

Administration and 

Conference Services


Kaitlyn Hopkins

Housing Technology Coordinator

Maggie Ou

Administrative and Conference Services Assistant

Elaine Leon

Business Operations Coordinator




Facilities Operations

Laura Martinez

Lead Custodian

Bruce Donovan

Lead Building Service Engineer

Brett Nickman

Lead Custodian

Facilities Operations Team

Facilities Operations Team


Residential Engagement

Jennifer Ortiz

Assistant Director
Residential Engagement

Alma Zepeda

Community Coordinator

Ashely Ongalibang

Community Coordinator

Shaquille Manley

Community Coordinator
Fig and Holly

Brannon Andrews

Community Coordinator
Pine and Juniper

Martín Quiroz

Community Coordinator

Brianna Guzman

Community Coordinator
Noble and Laurel

Jennifer Anguiano

Graduate Assistant

Matthew Phillips

Graduate Assistant
Peer Mentors

Madelein Gutierrez

Graduate Assistant

Office Assistants


Holly Office


Holly Mailroom


Redwood Office/Mailroom

The Housing Office Assistant team is composed of student leaders who help us serve our residents and keep the housing office running. They are located in 3 different locations: the Holly Housing office, the Holly mailroom and the Redwood office. The Holly Housing office is where you can go to ask questions, get a tour, or find useful resources. The Holly mailroom is where Residence Halls and Apartment residents can go to pick up their packages and letter mail which is received, processed, and sorted by our student office assistants within approximately 24 hours of the carrier delivery. The Redwood office is where our Suites residents can pick up their packages and letter mail, and also meet with our Residential Engagement team. Our team at these three locations works very hard to ensure the housing community runs smoothly and your experience here is as amazing as possible!

Student Assistants

senior office assistants

Residential Technology Student Assistant | Marketing Student Assistant

Sebastian Rivera | Jocelyn Andrade

    Boushra Bettir |