Multimedia Entertainment Devices

Current residents who wish to use their personal multimedia entertainment devices in their rooms can do so by registering their devices on our Multimedia Device Registration page.

Supported devices include video game consoles, Smart TVs, streaming devices like Apple TV or Roku, and personal digital assistant devices* like Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc.

Each resident can register up to 3 devices. Students can use the device registration page at any time to modify or remove the devices they have registered. A request to Add, remove, or modify your devices can take up to 3 -5 business days.  Business days are Monday -Friday and do not include any holidays or campus closures.

 You do not need to register personal computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, or any other device that is able to connect to eduroam, the standard campus-wide WiFi. Any requests for these types of devices will be rejected.
Please be  aware: wireless printing to a personal printer is not supported on our campus WiFi.

You'll need to know your device's Wireless (WI-FI) MAC Address in order the submit a request. You can usually find the MAC Address in your device's network settings.

After you submit a request using the button below, please allow our team up to 5 business days to set up access for your device. Once your request is approved, you'll automatically receive an email with instructions on how to connect.

Looking to connect a desktop computer to an ethernet port? 

Many of the ethernet ports are inactive as their backend wiring has been repurposed for WiFi access points. Our office is unable to assist with ethernet port troubleshooting.

* Personal assistant devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home can be connected to WiFi for internet access, but they won't be able to perform smart home functions like controlling other electronics in your room.