NRHH Of The Month Awards

What are OTMs?

Of The Month (OTM) is a month-specific award to recognize outstanding members or programs within the student housing community at Cal State Fullerton. These awards are written by residents, like you, to recognize their peers, RAs, Professional Staff and community programs. Campus OTM recipients are submitted for possible regional and national recognition by NRHH.

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Who are the people behind OTM’s?

The OTM process is facilitated by NRHH, a student organization of residents interested in community service, recognition, and leadership. When you submit your nomination, NRHH will recognize those who have impacted the Housing community and have accomplished great things around the Student Housing community each month.

What does the nomination application consist of?

The application includes your information and the person you will be nominating. You can submit up to 600 words on why they deserve the nomination. The essay should focus on the great things the individual has done throughout that month or why the program was so great. Make sure to be very specific and brag about the individual/program you are nominating.

How to submit an OTM

There are two methods to submit an OTM Nomination:

  1. For general recognition, use the General OTM formOpens in new window .
  2. For program recognition, use the Program OTM formOpens in new window .

OTM Categories

General OTMs Program OTMs
Advisor Community Service Program
Custodial or Maintenance employee Diversity Program
Executive Board Member Educational Program
First-year Student Social Program
National Communications Coordinator  
Residence Life Professional Staff  
Resident Advisor  
Residential Community