Dining and Catering


Conference and event guests can choose from breakfast, lunch and dinner meal periods, in addition to catering orders and boxed meals. Summer conference guests should work with the Conference Coordinator for summer conference and camp meal plans.


The GastronomeOpens in new window is a unique, state of the art dining facility. It provides the Cal State Fullerton community a great opportunity to not only eat a healthy, nutritious, and well balanced meal; but it also serves as a hub of activity and a place to bring the community together.

The Gastronome features an extremely diverse daily menuOpens in new window . Almost all items are customizable and prepared-to-order in which you can select the proteins, vegetables, and sauces that go into your meal. The facility features a stone hearth oven with pizzas, a grill with burgers and specialty sandwiches, a delicious international kitchen, deli and salad bars, mouthwatering soups, and a bake shop with fresh breads, rolls, and delicious desserts.


Our program offers flexible and reliable catering to match the needs of our summer guests. For more information about catering, visit the Gastronome's Catering webpageOpens in new window .


Visit Campus Dining for a listing of other dining venues on the Cal State Fullerton campus.