Student Housing Application Process

Please view the 2024-2025 Housing Application Information PowerpointPDF File

Incoming Students: You must accept your Cal State Fullerton admission offer and pay the $250 enrollment deposit with the University before applying for student housing. After you complete this process, you may need to wait up to four (4) business days before our system will recognize you as a student. If you're not able to log into the Student Housing Portal, we don't have your information in our system yet and you'll need to wait another business day. Contact our office if this continues for more than four (4) days.

  1. Pre-application Opens : Monday, APRIL 8, 2024 at 9:00 a.m. PST

    You can start filling out the Pre-Application starting on Monday, April 8, at 9 a.m. PST. This pre-application includes everything from selecting your meal plan to setting up your roommate profile and choosing a theme community. However, even though you can start this process early, you won't be able to pay the $50 application fee or officially submit your application until May.
    If you see an error message when you log in, our portal may be operating beyond its capacity and you should wait about an hour before trying to log in again. This won't affect any part of your application, and you do not need to contact our office for assistance.
  2. Experience CSuf day : Saturday, april 13, 2024 from 9:00 a.m. PST - 2:00 p.m. PST

    As students are considering Cal State Fullerton for their next step in their higher education journey, this event provides students an opportunity to immerse themselves in the Titan Experience by connecting with the many programs, resources, and services offered at the university.
  3. non-first year students can submit the application : monday, may 6, 2024 at 9:00 a.m. pst

    Non first-year students include transfers, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students. After classification (first-year student, sophomore, etc.}, the single most important factor in determining if you will be assigned is the date we receive your application. The earlier you apply, the greater the likelihood you will be offered a bedspace in student housing.
  4. first year students can submit the application : wednesday, may 8, 2024 at 9:00 a.m. pst

    First-year students are students who are going to college for the first time, this does not include transfers. After classification (first-year student, sophomore, etc.}, the single most important factor in determining if you will be assigned is the date we receive your application. The earlier you apply, the greater the likelihood you will be offered a bedspace in student housing.
  5. applicants will be notified if they were selected for Room selection : Early june 2024

    Students will be notified if they were selected for on-campus housing and will receive instructions on how to request a roommate and how to select a room.
  6. Room Selection : mid-june 2024

    Selected students will be able to select their space for the 2024 - 2025 Academic Year.
  7. late june 2024 and throughout the ACADEMIC year

    We'll send individual offers for specific spaces in student housing to students who match the criteria for those spaces. Students will have a limited amount of time to accept their offer before it expires and places their application into a hold state.
  8. Housing charges will be posted : Early July 2024

    Room and Board Charges will appear for students with confirmed room reservations.
  9. cancellation deadline : monday, July 15, 2024 at 11:59 PM pst

    Last day for students with confirmed room reservations to cancel their room reservations without a request. After this date, students with room reservations will need to request to be released from their space and their financial obligation. Our office will approve these requests at our sole discretion if we're able to find a replacement for your space.

    Students who remain on our waiting list at this point (meaning, not assigned to a space) maintain the ability to cancel their application without any special request through their Student Housing Portal.

    This is also the last day for students to change their meal plan on their housing application. If a student wants to change their meal plan after this date they must use the meal plan change requestOpens in new window form which will be reviewed by our staff and is not guaranteed to be approved.
  10. first housing installment payment due : Friday, August 16, 2024

    First Housing Installment Payment due in your CSUF Student Portal. See our payment installment schedule for more information.
  11. Move-In days : Thursday and Friday, August 22 and 23, 2024

    Students with confirmed reservations will be sent check-in instructions during the first week of August with more information. Students will arrive on either Thursday or Friday, August 22 and 23. Please check out our  Opening Days Resource Guide !

Click here to access the online CSUF Student Housing Portal

Steps in the pre-Application

  • Personal Information, Emergency Preparedness, and Medical, Disability and Dietary Information: This is where we'll ask you about your preferred name, cell phone number, emergency contact information, and any medical or dietary needs you might have. If you've applied with us before, we'll carry this information over from your last application, but you'll need to review it to make sure it's still accurate.
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Acknowledgement: Residents are required to commit to cultivating and promoting an inclusive and respectful environment for our residential community and guests.
  • Financial Literacy and Acknowledgement: New to our application process this year, our Financial Literacy module in the housing application is designed to help students build a strong understanding of the financial obligation of living on-campus. This section will explain how Room and Board charges work, including information about Financial Aid, scholarships, and student loans.
  • Eligible Room Type: We will present which of our housing communities you would be eligible for based on your student classification. First-year students are only eligible to live in the Residence Halls. Sophomore, junior, and transfer students are only eligible to live in the Suites. Senior and graduate students are only eligible to live in the Apartments.
  • Meal Plan: This is where you'll choose your meal plan.
  • Projected Cost of Room and Board: A calculation of the total projected cost to live on campus. Note: this does not include tuition or financial aid.
  • Roommate Profile: This is where you'll read more about our room assignment process and answer some questions about yourself as a potential roommate. All students living on-campus have some sort of roommate or apartment-mate, and none of our options are completely private. Answer this section as truthfully as possible to ensure that you can be successful with your roommate. Again, if you've applied with us before, we'll carry this information over from your previous application.
  • Theme Community Preferences: This is where you'll read about our theme community options and answer some questions about which you'd prefer.
  • GradGuard Renter's Insurance: We have partnered with GradGuard, which offers a College Renters Insurance Plan that is specifically designed for students.
  • Waivers, Releases, Housing Policies, and License Agreement: Residents must sign our legally binding license agreement contract, as well as various waivers, releases and housing policies. Note: Signing the Student Housing License Agreement does not guarantee that you will be assigned a bed space. The Student Housing License Agreement will not be valid until you are assigned a bedspace.

steps available after Application submission opens

  • Pay the $50 Non-Refundable Application Fee
  • Submit the Application

Frequently Asked Questions

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Waiting Pool

Our housing community offers a variety of spaces tailored to meet the diverse needs of our students. These categories include gender, class year, Theme Community, and several others, ensuring that each student can find a space that best suits their preferences and requirements. Eligibility for these spaces is determined based on the information provided in your application. We will refer to our waiting pool when spaces become available and assign them on a first-eligible, first-come basis. This means that as soon as a suitable space that matches your eligibility becomes available, we will reach out to you promptly.

This is difficult to predict as it varies from year to year. It depends on the number of students who change their decision related to housing or attending CSUF after their initial acceptance of housing confirmation. The waiting pool continues into the academic year after the semester starts. This accounts for no-shows, last-minute cancellations, and situations where students request to vacate after move-in. We encourage students to look for alternative housing options as it is unpredictable if/when spaces will become available. Students must consistently check their emails to see if they are offered a space. Our office will be contacting students using their CSUF email addresses.

All communication will be conducted via email. Please regularly monitor your student email, as you will receive a time-sensitive offer if a space for which you are eligible becomes available.

Please continue to stay on the waiting pool. If a space becomes available that you are eligible for and if you are next on the waiting pool, you will be offered the space. I recommend looking at off-campus apartments that are not affiliated with CSUF Housing. Many apartments surround CSUF and have varying prices and amenities. Facebook CSUF Find Roommate Group has student communities that post listing or roommate requests; it is a good option to seek other housing/rooming opportunities.


Our office is no longer accommodating roommate requests.


After the cancellation deadline on July 15, 2024, there is a license agreement cancellation request form that you must fill out in order to request a cancellation of your license agreement. If you have already been assigned a booking, your license agreement cancellation request will only be accepted if we have another person in our waiting pool who is willing to take over your lease.

The $50 application fee is nonrefundable. For those who received a housing assignment, depending on your specific circumstances, the housing installment fees may be prorated and partially refunded.

Your loans will be applied to tuition and fees first before they are applied to any housing fees. If you have any remaining money from loans after the loans are applied to tuition, fees, and housing, the remainder will be distributed to you via check or direct deposit.

Meal Plan

If you are selected to live in the Suites or the Residence Halls, you may only choose between a 5 or 7 day meal plan. 100 block meal plans are not available for Suites and Residence Hall residents.

You can upgrade your meal plan at any time. Please email to have this change be made.

We have commuter plan that can view and purchase if you go to the housing website-> "current residents" -> "the gastronome".

General Questions

There are various options for off-campus housing not affiliated with CSUF around the campus. Applying as soon as possible is important as off-campus housing options have limited spots. Some of these options can be found on the CSUF Housing website under the “Resources Tab” and by clicking “Off-campus Housing.”

If selected for housing, you will receive an email with instructions on a specific date and time to move in between August 22nd and August 23rd. Please make sure to check your email for directions and updates.

The first Housing Installment Payment has been posted for students with confirmed Fall 2024 bookings and will be due Friday, August 16th.

No, the $50 fee cannot be waived and is nonrefundable.

Disability Support Services

There are no guarantees for a space in Housing, but submitting the application as early as possible is an excellent way to get a higher spot in the waiting pool.

Accommodations are available but must be made through the CSUF Disability Support Services (DSS) office first. DSS will communicate approved accommodations to CSUF Housing that will be enacted after it has been confirmed.

Registering an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) or Service Animal is done through the Disability Support Services Office. The ESA must be approved through DSS, then DSS will communicate with CSUF Housing to notify Housing about the ESA accommodation