Theme Communities

Living within a themed housing community provides you with an additional level of connection to the campus and helps you build a stronger sense of community through purposeful interactions with students, staff, faculty, and administrators. These communities can provide you with resources and support during your transition to Cal State Fullerton.

First-time freshmen

Ujima Community

Ujima, pronounced oo-JEE-mah, is a collaboration between Housing and Residential Engagement and the African American Resource Center. Ujima, one of the seven Nguzo Saba Kwanzaa principles, means “to build and maintain our community together, and to make our brother's and sister's problems, our problems and to solve them together." Ujima offers cultural, educational, and social events and workshops that explore the needs and experiences of the African Diaspora, connects residents with Black students, staff, and faculty, and empowers students to excel academically and socially at CSUF.

Ujima Commnity Benefits

  • Community: Build lasting, supportive relationships at CSUF with peers, staff, faculty and administrators.
  • Student Success: Develop strong academic skills and learn how to utilize various campus-based resources.
  • Black Excellence: Engage in various programs and activities that empower students to thrive in their pursuit of scholarly and career goals.
  • Culture: Exploration of the intersectional traditions, art forms and history within the African Diaspora.

College of the Arts | Arts District

Arts District is a community designed for College of the Arts majors (visual art, music, theatre and dance) looking for an enhanced living-learning experience. Arts District has an emphasis on collaborative learning, student engagement, and integration of academic coursework. Student residents will build a strong sense of community through purposeful interactions with other students, staff, faculty, and administrators. In addition to the benefits of living on an arts-themed community, College of the Arts offers exciting programming and events exclusively for Arts District residents such as: attendance at CSUF art exhibitions, theatre and music performances, behind-the-scenes director and cast talks, career and advising workshops, peer mentoring, and more!

Residents will sign a learning contract agreeing to participate in three college-sponsored events and fully engage in programs designed for Arts District residents. For more information regarding Arts District, please visit the College of the Arts website at or email us at

 College of Business and Economics

The College of Business and Economics (CBE) theme community is committed to connecting pre-business students to the breadth of opportunities CBE has to offer. This learning community is designed to bring together dedicated students who have interest in developing professional skills, building connections with fellow residents, and taking on leadership opportunities

Students on the floor are provided with great benefits and advantages, including in-hall tutoring, career-related workshops, networking opportunities, academic advising, and fun activities like Dessert with the Deans, Food Bazaar, and Business Madness. Residents choosing to live on this floor are expected to attend at least two CBE events per semester so they can connect with faculty, staff, and students while also learning about campus resources and opportunities

With support from the College of Business and Economics faculty, administrators and staff, this floor is intended to enhance student success and learning. If you are passionate about being a College of Business and Economics student, come join this floor! For additional information, please contact Assistant Dean Emeline Yong at

College of Communications

The College of Communications Community provides a valuable on-campus residential learning experience available to first-year students interested, majoring, or minoring in any field of communications (Cinema and Television Arts, Communications, Communication Studies, or Communication Sciences and Disorders). Students have the opportunity to live, learn, and study together with peers who share their interests and will benefit from social, academic, and creative activities related to a wide variety of communications disciplines and practices.

The College of Communications Community provides an opportunity for students to become leaders, especially when taking initiative and advantage of the exclusive programming specifically designed to help you engage deeply with the academic, pre-professional, and social components of the communications industries and academic disciplines. For more information, please see the College of Communications theme floor webpage at

College of Engineering and Computer Science (ECS)

Residents in the Engineering & Computer Science theme floor work together to support each other through the rigors of their courses while building a connection to resources, other students, staff, and faculty in the College of Engineering & Computer Science. Members of this community will comprise of students across Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering (General), and Engineering (Undeclared) majors. Through various programs and activities, residents will have the opportunity to get involved, make friends, study and learn together in an engaging and supportive environment.  In addition, residents will have a variety of social and cultural program opportunities to attend.

Residents sign a learning agreement that entails participation in three (3) programs per semester offered via the theme floor community or in collaboration with the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

College of Health & Human Development (HHD)

“Learn, Connect, and Grow” with like-minded individuals from the College of Health and Human Development (HHD)! Be a part of the vibrant theme housing community of HHD students, who share the same interests and career goals! This themed living floor is designed for College of Health and Human Development majors or minors (child and adolescent studies, health science/public health, human services, kinesiology and nursing students), with emphasis on cross-department collaboration and connections with other HHD residents in the themed community.

In the residential setting, every experience aims to support student success, especially during the critical first-year of college. The HHD Theme Community integrates academic interests with student life – nurturing connections with student groups, faculty, and staff of the college. Opportunities include academic and career advisement, health and wellness workshops, leadership training, community service activities, athletic events, tours of the nursing simulation center and kinesiology research labs, and peer mentoring

Enhance your Titan experience – join the theme housing community! For more information, please visit our website at  HHD Theme Housing Community. We look forward to having you become a resident in our vibrant community!

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) theme floor community is designed for any declared HSS major who is a first-time freshman. This learning community is intended for HSS students who want to build a strong sense of community through purposeful interactions with other HSS students, staff, faculty, and administrators. Programs and events on this theme floor are designed for HSS students living on the floor and include connecting with HSS faculty speakers, exposure to Study Abroad and Away program opportunities, HSS career and advising workshops, HSS student leadership opportunities, and more!

Additionally, part of living on the HSS Floor is the opportunity to meet one-on-one with the Assistant Dean’s graduate student asssistants to gain academic, personal, and professional support in your first year. We also will host an array of programs for the HSS Floor and expect that you attend at least three programs per semester so you can connect with HSS faculty, staff, and students while also learning about campus resources and opportunities

If you would like to get connected and develop an impactful relationship with HSS, enhance your Titan Experience, and are a passionate HSS student, we hope you select our theme community! We look forward to supporting your academic, professional, and personal success through the H&SS theme housing community.

To learn more about how we can support your success, visit our website at in new window or email us at

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NSM)

The Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NSM) theme floor experience provides residents the opportunity to engage with others who share a common interest and major. Those majoring or considering majoring in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, geology, earth science, mathematics, and physics come together to form a supportive and engaging community. Residents gain a more practical understanding of how these areas work in collaboration with one another through interdisciplinary activities

Residents of the floor will have the opportunity to discover and better understand real world implications of the material they are learning in class. Along with academic and personal support, residents will have a variety of social and cultural program opportunities to attend. Features of this themed floor include networking opportunities with faculty and professionals in the fields of NSM, exposure to various NSM resources, and various NSM themed programs.

For more information regarding the NSM Theme community, please email
Assistant Dean Tatiana Pedroza at

University's Honors and Scholars

The University Honors and Scholars Theme Community consists of scholars who love learning. Residents on this floor are President’s Scholars, or students admitted in the University Honors Program or Business Honors Program. We believe strongly in creating a supportive residential experience that caters to academic excellence for first year students in an honors program.

Programming on this themed floor is designed to facilitate a closely-knit community that fosters involvement, leadership development, academic achievement and fellowship. The Honors and Scholars Floor provides a unique community where highly motivated students encourage each other to excel as they share experiences in and out of the classroom. The rich, supportive educational environment offers a place where students from diverse backgrounds can enjoy a rich array of academic, co-curricular, and experiential activities. Such an environment creates opportunities for students to use their talents andcreativity in the service of understanding the world, of communicating effectively with others, and of making a positive difference.

Students interested in living in this community must first apply for and be accepted to the President’s Scholars Program, University Honors Program, or Business Honors Program.

First Year Experience (FYE) for undeclared students

As a member of the First-Year Experience (FYE) Theme Community, you have the unique opportunity to live in a community with other undeclared, first-year students and experience Cal State Fullerton together for the first time. FYE helps make your transition to college easier by providing numerous opportunities to get to know others in the residence halls and the CSUF community. FYE residents are encouraged to take UNI 100 class together. UNI 100 is a general education course (Area E) offered in the Fall semester only. Living and learning together in this unique theme community allows for the creation of an environment that is not only fun, but also is one that promotes success in academics as well. 

Continuing, Transfer, and Graduate Students

Athena House

Athena House is a welcoming and safe living environment that focuses on empowering, educating, and connecting residents from diverse backgrounds and cultures about issues of gender equality and empowerment. Athena House, in partnership with the WoMen’s and Adult Reentry Center, provides resources, support, engagement opportunities, and events. Just as the goddess Athena, this community hopes to inspire and cultivate the wisdom, courage, and strength of its residents. For additional information, please contact the WoMen’s and Adult Reentry Center staff at

Community Demographics
  • Residents identified second year to graduate level students
  • Residents must choose to live in the Singles apartment community
Benefits of Residency
  • Build your professional network with peers who have the same interests as you
  • Explore campus academic and co-curricular resources
  • Engage in campus and community events to support the mission of the floor
Resident Expectations
  • Attend a minimum of four community events per semester
  • Attend two “We Slay: Young Women’s Leadership Experience” series events within the academic year
  • Attend two “Titan Women Leaders: Empower Your Future” workshops within the academic year

Available for all students

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Ally | Rainbow House

The Rainbow House is a collaboration between Housing and Residential Engagement and the LGBT Queer Resource Center. As a gender-inclusive floor, Rainbow House aims to provide a supportive and safe space for students of diverse gender experiences and sexual/romantic orientations. People who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, asexual/aromantic, and allies to the LGBTQ community, are encouraged to apply for residency.

Rainbow House also offers cultural, educational and social programming that explores the needs and experiences of the LGBTQ+ community, and connects with students, staff, and faculty who share these experiences or interests. Through engagement, residents will become more aware of their own social identities as they relate to their experience within the CSUF community, navigate in a safe space, and create a strong sense of community.

Rainbow House Benefits
  • Eligibility to live with other lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer asexual/aromantic, and/or ally identified students who are committed to creating an LGBTQ+ inclusive campus environment
  • Quality programming and community engagement to further create awareness and knowledge surrounding issues within the LGBTQ+ community
  • Direct access to resources within the LGBT Queer Resource Center and the surrounding community
  • A supportive community where you can further learn about your sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and romantic orientation
  • Opportunities to partake in community events and serve as student leaders
Student Learning Outcomes
  • Understand varying issues faced within the LGBTQ+ community
  • Understand the importance of community and  civic engagement
  • Understand how to engage in advocacy and allyship
  • Develop a greater self-understanding of one’s own identities and its intersections
  • Develop strong personal and professional relationships with peers, staff, and faculty
  • Become aware and knowledgeable about supportive campus resources


The Rainbow House community, depending on demand, will be placed in the Doubles apartments and/or the Residence Halls.

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