Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find answers to questions you might have about the TitanCard. Reading this page will help you learn how to use your TitanCard. 

How do I get a TitanCard?

To get your TitanCard, please visit the TitanCard service desk located on the first floor, South side of the Pollak library. When you come in you'll need to fill out the application, present a photo ID and provide you CWID. Due to verification purposes, photos of the ID or printed copies of the ID will not be accepted. You must have the physical identification card with you when visiting the TitanCard office.

If you're unable to come in person to get your TitanCard, please email the TitanCard office and we will send you the steps on how to complete the remote process. 
For instructions, please visit the "Getting a TitanCard" page.

What is a TitanTender Account?

Your TitanCard serves as a stored value card. Money that is stored on your card is called TitanTender. Every TitanCard issued has this functionality automatically available, there is no need to open a checking account to use TitanTender.

TitanTender can only be used on campus. This is beneficial for parents who want to ensure that funds are used for campus life only since you can only spend as much TitanTender as you have on your card. You won't have to worry about overdraft fees, credit card bills, and interest payments!

TitanTender is the only payment accepted on campus for printing and copying in campus labs, credit cards and debit cards are not accepted.

Where Can I Use My TitanCard?

When used as a stored value card, the TitanCard can be used on campus for various services. It can be used to purchase your books, school supplies, to buy food at the eateries on campus, to gain access to computer labs, print, and make copies in the Pollak Library.

TitanTender can be used at the following locations:

Digital Print Services, Baja Fresh Express, TOGO'S, Pieology, Hibachi-San, Panda Express, Carl's Jr., Starbucks TSU, Starbucks Pollak Library, Starbucks CBE, Gastronome, Brief Stop, Yum, Titan Shops, 


What Do I Do if I Lose My TitanCard?

Lost cards should be reported immediately. You can report a lost card by emailing the TitanCard Office at or  by going to your portal. Your card will be de-activated as soon as the TitanCard office has been notified.

The TitanCard office is not responsible for any lost funds. If your lost card is found by the TitanCard office we will notify you as soon as possible. Please contact the TitanCard office to get a replacement card.There is a $10.00 replacement fee for lost or damanged cards. Please review the Terms & Conditions for more information.

If your card is linked to a U.S. Bank checking account, please contact 24-hour customer service by calling 1-800-USBANKS (872-2657). U.S. Bank will immediately deactivate the ATM portion of your TitanCard.Once you get a replacement TitanCard, please notify the U.S. Bank branch on campus that you have your new card to attach to your checking account.

How Do I Check the Balance On My TitanCard?

You first need to log into the Campus PortalOpens in new window .  From there you will find a link to the TitanCard Deposit.  Your balance is presented along with several other options including adding money to your card, viewing your TitanTender transaction history, and your virtual ID.

How Do I Add Money To My TitanCard?

The TitanCard Office is now cashless and all transaction have been moved to an online payment process. To add money to your TitanCard, please go to the TitanCard website and click on TitanTender. You can also access the TitanCard service page through your portal under apps. 

Note: there is a $0.15 credit card processing fee per transaction. 

How do I pay for a Replacement TitanCard, Nursing Badge, Library/Device fee?

All of these transactions have been moved to an online payment process. Please visit the TitanCard website and click on "additional payments" to pay for the different fees. 


Note: there is a 2.65% credit card processing fee charger per transaction. 

Do I have to buy a meal plan to use the Gastronome?

All students living on campus must purchase a meal plan through Housing and Residence Opens in new window Engagement, which includes dining dollars. These meal plans and dining dollars may only be used at the Gastronome, Community Market, and Tuffy's Late Night Cafe.

Students living off-campus may use TitanTender to purchase meals at campus food establishments including the Gastronome. TitanTender is less restrictive than a meal plan; however, faculty, staff, and students who do not live on campus may purchase voluntary meal plans through the Gastronome website.