Our students depend on technology as an integral part of their academic and social experiences at CSUF. Social technology can foster a sense of belonging, increase student retention, and promote academic achievement. Technology is continuously changing and providing the most innovative technology will prepare students for success.


1. Strengthen the student experience and sense of community by providing an equitable and accessible digital environment

2. Ensure all undergraduate students participate in at least three high-impact curricular or co-curricular experiences.

3. Empower the University with technologies for data-driven and insightful decision making.

4. Empower the University to support and enable multiple modalities within the curricular and co-curricular experience.


1.1 In collaboration with University constituents, identify and implement solutions to reduce administrative barriers for all students.

1.2 Expand the Student Success Management System (TitanNet) to all campus student service offices for student data access and meeting appointments.

1.3 Partner with the Division of Academic Affairs and Division of Student Affairs to implement TitanNet mobile, academic planner, scheduler, registration, and notification modules.

1.4 Create a conversational mobile experience powered by AI and machine learning.

1.5 Partner with college IT liaisons to identify college specific technology needs.

1.6 Implement a laptop program for all students in partnership with the Division of Academic Affairs and Division of Student Affairs

2.1 Partner with the Division of Academic Affairs and Division of Student Affairs to provide curricular and co-curricular tracking, reporting and analytical solutions for all High-Impact Practices.

2.2 Accelerate the adoption of technologies that contribute to students’ digital literacy skills by embedding technologies into curricular and co-curricular experiences.

3.1 Collaborate with the campus community to increase awareness and capacity to use technologies that support data-informed decision making.

3.2 Partner with University constituents to plan and create a data governance structure.

4.1 Partner with the Division of Academic Affairs to study and evaluate a next generation Learning Management System.

4.2 Partner with the Division of Academic Affairs to expand support and enhance quality of online education programs and courses.


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Last Published 4/8/22

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